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Hello and welcome to HauntedCollector, we are the REAL haunted Collector. We first entered into a contract with LeftField productions last year and sent in our video's and items collected from various investigations. When Leftfield productions contacted us we were thrilled and excited. Finally bringing true haunted items to TV was going to come true. HauntedCuriosities and HauntedCollector are the same company.

We do want to clear up some things like the testing process. On a TV show there is no time to test items like we do here in our office. We test most items for months and through various contacts we get all kinds of stuff. Just this week we were able to get a real human skeleton still in it's coffin. This is truly a haunted piece. Just riding in the car with her was a "ride" to remember!

We are always in search of the bizzare and haunted so if you have anything please contact us at kissmecrazie@gmail.com. Please send pictures if you have any and we will try our best to get to them as soon as possible.

The items in our store are authentic and mostly one of a kind,enjoy.

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