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This piece dates from the Egyptian revival period and was purchased in Egypt by a woman named Armith and her husband Roger on a trip they made to Egypt. During this time it was very fashionable for those who could, to go visit the wonders of Egypt and actually go inside the pyramid for a look around. But when they visited the Sphinx she experienced something that overtook her and changed her life forever. Her husband, concerned about her well being continued to ask her what the matter was and once alone she decided to tell him.

She had said that upon arriving at the Sphinx she felt overwhelmed by the energy surrounding the place and by her account, it spoke to her and was telling her secrets she did not understand. Later she told him that this item contained the spirit and energy of what she felt when they were there. Not only that, but also that the sphinx on this piece of jewelry she had brought back was talking to her.

She assured him that she was not mad and that it had told her little things to prove to her its truth and that all of these things came to be. Roger never doubted his wife's sanity or sincerity, so he himself set out to test this claim and to his amazement found that it was absolutely true. One of the things this spirit told them was that it was the same spirit Gerbert of Reims communicated with using the Oracle Head he possessed that lead the way to his rise in ultimate power and predicted his downfall and death. The story of Gerbert of Reims hold much truth that is historical fact, also his Oracle Head was never spoken about again. It seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. But it didn't, it only went back underground.

Gerbert possessed a golden alchemical head that held oracular power, this head is said to have been connected to the Teraphim, which was a special decapitated head of immortal power. The history of it says it was able to do resurrection of the dead, healing and was the original head of sacrifice among many other things. The head originated from Egypt where they kept it hidden in a temple deep inside the pyramid. I find this all fascinating and have often wondered if this is the same spirit that acted as a oracle to Napoleon, and predicting his downfall and death just like it did to Gerbert. Also the similarities between the Teraphim head and the head of St. John the Beloved which the Templar held in highest regard. Johns head was said to have the same magical properties of resurrection, healing, wisdom and prophecy.

I'm going to add on the forum some very interesting stories about Gerbert and the oracle head he possessed. This piece holds that very same power. This items power can reveal to you peoples thoughts and deepest secrets, and will answer questions that is asked of it. It opens up the what it called the 5th eye, and 5th eye sees all that we are not meant to know at this time.

I have tested this many times, and every time I kept a open mind to the answer I received, wrote it down and forgot about it. I did not want any of my own influences to have an effect of my outcome. Every time it spoke the truth, even though most all of the answers I received seemed vague at the time it always came to be. I myself have never seen it speak like Armith and her husband did, for me it was all done in thought or image flashes and dreams. This item revealed to me things that were to come and I even told those involved of what I saw coming. I may have been off by a month or weeks even (it has never told me a specific date, just a feeling of time) and every single time what I told them happened. They know who they are but I do not expect them to come forward and say I was right. Now I'm ready to pass this on to another who will see how amazing this is and the wealth of knowledge surrounding it. It has opened many doors for me and has helped me see the path I need to take now.

This is a very rare piece and one of the most interesting Egyptian items I have.

At times I will be adding more information, back stories etc on some of the items in blog posts on the forum.

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