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7-7-09 After the Battle of the Pyramids, Napoleon decided to go into the great Pyramid of Gaza. Napoleon's guards were going to go follow him, but he ordered them to stay put. They pleaded with him to let them go with him, since the enemy might have ambushes set up in there.

He boldly declared, "I fear no man or god!"

He went into the pyramid, and for an hour was in there. His men began to get worried about him when he returned. He was shaking like a leaf and as white as snow. When asked what had happened, he refused to talk. Finally, his subordinates bugged him enough to say, in a very shaky voice, "I take the secret to the grave."

And, he did take the secret to the grave. He died without ever having talked about what happened in the pyramid.

This item did belong to Napoleon and as most of you know I collect Napoleon things. The only reason I give this up is because I know all there is to know about it and I have four favorite things of Napoleon now. I have his hair,his tea pot,his locket with a picture of him and Josephine and a huge statue of him clothed.

The items I place in this category are very unusual for one reason or another. They are either very rare,highly powerful or as in the doll a special child.

One of the reasons Napoleon was scared is because he met face to face with what herded those that created the pyramids. He met who was in charge. This entity is known as a Breath of Life.

The Breath of Life is not only a prophet but a creator. It knows the past,present and future and it has herds of others like it that rule much of what goes on today using ancient magic. You can ask it questions but be prepared for the answers,napoleon was not prepared and it shook him to the core. In that time Napoleon did not know how to handle things even though he had his own Seer employed by him for psychic readings.

To dangle this from your chest gives you a breath of life,it makes you a visionary,a deep into the realm of magic Seer.

The secret to it's magic is one thing. Can you take what is shown you and not runÏ? All things shown to you by the Breath of Life,ALL things. A being that surrounds you and can teach you.

The power of this piece is unmatched because of what it is. This is a being which came from the garden.

This piece is ONLY for those skilled or those that will study or are serious. Not for people who like magic because they think fairies are cute and mermaids are beautiful. This is a one of a kind piece which I can never get another of.

This is one of the pieces that have shown me what I have coming ahead of me. This is a piece that I stuck with so I could learn.

If you accept the Breath of Life's offer to learn you are given a power that I can say is unmatched. You become something that is immortal in your ability,your eyes are the eyes of the world and you have POWER.

One of the things I have done with this is to meet with the council,to converse on world matters of various natures. Wealth is given to you in this piece if you are going to need it and you will.

You need to be prepared for magic like this,you have to take it seriously. This is no joke and it is more real then many things you have come in contact with.

I can't say enough about it because it is an experience,it is to gain the power of those that were advanced and came before you.

Full protection is given to you when you decide to take this on.