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This piece is more then a 100 years old and the symbol is called the Caduceus. Most people know this as a sign for a doctor. What you don't know is the history or the power that is behind some of them. The Caduceus represents good and evil,World Axis,perfection,completion,supernatural and brings with it a messenger from the Gods. Most of these things are represented but when empowered they hold a supernatural power that was used by Shamans,Magicians and Medicine men. This was a tool of their trade and a most powerful one. This one such type your looking at.

The supernatural power of this symbol go back tp 2,700 years BC. The snakes make up the infinity symbol, the wings are for psychic ability,intuition and vision. This also gives spiritual communication with the Gods. The serpents also give hidden knowledge and the circles they make are for the gifts of the universe,cosmos.

What is interesting is all over the world this symbol in its ancient origins all mean the same thing. Of course healing is also in there as well. One of the best powers of this item and one that should make it become considered as a purchase is that it combines the blending of opposite magic with peace and unity. So if you have learned from the item the hidden knowledge that could be considered dark and you learn the light as well you may combine them to do good magic.

What this piece will do for you. First it was used my a magician and so it is powered. You will gain the all supernatural aspects of the piece including getting serious messages from the spiritual realms and great vision along with everything else.

This piece is made out of sterling silver,french enamel and has a pear hanging from it. This is a one of a kind piece which belonged to a hidden female magician. Having to operate in secrecy back in those times she kept her power hidden. Her name is Astrum.

To place this on you will begin to feel the changes immediately.