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This item holds entites of great POWER!  This piece was made by a great sorcerer who knew how to hide his powers when necessary.  That is why he hid it in this otherwise docile lady bug pin.  Each one of the spots on this lady bug represent an entity and the piece as a whole is a type of beetle.  Just think for a second of what the ancient scarab meant to the Egyptians and you will get a full understanding of just how powerful this piece is.

The center spot of the beethel that joins the right and left hemisphers of power in this piece is the Great Hall of Magical Knowledge and holds an amazing power. The other six are an immortal, a Fawn,an Imp,Turkish Healing Water, a Djinn of Mantic,and a Leprechaun of cash.

You will get all of these and you will be glad that you did. The Great Hall is for astral travel and gaining your own magical power. There is one thing with this that you need to be aware of. That is that the Great Hall is going to give to you what is yours going by who you are. So if you are destined for dark magic or white magic then that is what you will get. You won't get both. You will get all the power that this type of magic has to offer as a whole.

The Fawns name is Nebros and he is very powerful and protective of his owner. He is playful when he feels safe and is alone with you.