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First studied in ancient Egypt as the souls resurrection this practice and power has been passed down to those in a higher power. While that power has been corrupted it still works with the right intentions in mind.

Through using this piece you pass the 12 Gates and when you come to a path you go the way you want to go. Black or white and then with your intentions you get the one thing you want.

This is NOT for those who are easily scared because your going to go to the underworld often called the Netherworld. You will experience death and rebirth,see historical events and know they are real. I can't tell you what they are because everyone feels and thinks a different way. If I told you then you might have a preconcieved notion and I want the experience to be real for you. This way you know it was something you saw yourself.

This does require a ritual which will include candles and a little blood along with a few other things very easy to get. You will also have an angel present regardless of if you want one or not.

This is for those who want real magic and full knowledge. This will take some time as in at least three hours to complete and there are other instructions for it that you will need.

The piece that you get with this is designed for you and what your seeking and so there is no pictures of the item.