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For certain people times are hard.  Obama is imposing unconstitutional taxes on everyone.  His IRS cronies are coming down on anyone who doesn't salute the king.  The American dollar is at an all time low, the housing market isn't really growing the way it should be, and the stock market might be up, but it is about to fall.  Do your research, it always hits a high point before it crashes to its lowest point.  I know that there are a lot of people out there that feel like they have to take desperate, deceiving measures to make a buck.  That is why I have made this piece, because of late it seems to me like other sellers are in so much of a frenzy that they have begun stealing others work to make their own money. 

For instance, I just wanted to let you guys know that we here at Haunted Curiosities and Haunted Collector were the first to offer Heaven Hounds.  We were the first to discover these beasts, most of which appear in a rainbow color and come from Heaven.  Now, it seems as though everyone and their granny wants to sell these things.  This is because they are faking it.  They have stolen what we have spent time investigating and researching, taken the terminology that we have come up with (which is actually what they are called), added their own fake story and are selling these beasts as authentic.  I challenge anyone-- if you are so savvy to know what a Heaven Hound is, where do they actually come from?  Where are they found?  You probably don't even know. 

The same goes for the God Djinn.  We were the first to debut this spirit and now, BAM!  everyone and their granny are such experts on the God Djiinn!  Let me tell you something, I know for a fact that these people are faking their discoveries for two reasons.  Nobody even knew what a God Djinn was until we introduced them.  Second reason is that they are stealing work and the descriptions thereof from my website, because they are so desperate to make a dollar that they'd sell their soul to Satan to make a dollar.  They cannot materialize anything for themselves because they are fake-- so in their pitiful desperation they take our investigative work, write a few lines, add some stuff and then tell people that it is their own thing.  I'm flattered that these people think so highly of me and know that my stuff is authentic enough to want to steal from my website, but the buck stops here.

Look, if you come to my website and steal my descriptions, then your items cannot be real.  If you come my website to research all of the stuff that I've alreay done the research for and then change the words around and list them to your site, then your items are not real.  Listen, this has been going on for too long now.  You could have twenty empty vessels that you have bought from any other seller off the internet that has deceived you into buying counterfeit vessels.  You sit there and wait and wait and wait for them to work, but they are never ever going to work.  Do you know why??  Because they are FAKE!!  They're stolen by fakers and put on their fake websites with work that they stole from other sellers, namesakely Haunted Curiosities and Haunted Collector.  You will never know if your pieces are fake, ever... because these fake sellers will keep giving you fake lines of crap on reasons why their fake stuff isn't giving you the fake powers that it has claimed to give you.  If you want a way to tell if your items AREN'T fake and to tell that they are real and AUTHENTIC, not counterfeit junk then this is the piece for you. 

This piece not only allows you to identify and know which of these vessels are counterfeit, but it also holds an energy that allows you empower the empty vessels you have received from the counterfeit sellers.  This energy will empower the empty vessels with whatever power, magic, ability, entity, creature, etc. that you were supposed to receive and never did because you bought your stuff from crooks.  We got this energy from a sorcerer who practices magic of the mind and the piece will give you an enlightenment to be able to tell fake items from non-fake items.  It will also give you the power to project the lost powers into the vessels they were supposed to go into by thinking those powers into existence, more specifically into the original vessel. In the end you will left with the powers, magic, and entities you were supposed to left with instead of a pile of useless junk. 

Readers beware!  What you are receiving from these FAKE SELLERS is just that... fake stuff.  It's all fake.  They are selling fake vessels that aren't even worth anything in and of themselves because the stuff they are selling in just that generic.  You don't want to end up with something that you could have just bought from the dollar store yourself!  It is fake, holds no powers, and will not work the way these others sellers say they will.  We aren't pinpointing any sellers in particular, we're just saying in general.  I guess it's a lucrative business that people are willing to do anything it takes to succeed.  However, I refuse to stand by and watch people-- even some of my own customers who didn't know better-- be sheisted out of their hard earned money.  This is why we've created these items, called the FAKE ASS SELLER PIECE.  We have tons of them, so whomever needs one, simply let me know.