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This piece comes to us from an investigation that Adita was doing in Southeast Asia.  She found the piece in a hidden temple on the Archipelago of Indonesia.  The temple itself is hidden on one of the outlying Islands in Indonesia in a forest so thick that it almost seem unnavigable, but anything is possible with a little bit of magic and Adita had a piece with her to was more or less a magic magnet.  When she wears the piece it guides her to magic like a Garmin guides a car to its destination, although it's more of a psychic thing that allows your mind to be able to feel and detect the powers and as they come to you, you just follow your intuition, which is what the magic gives you more or less. 

Anyhow, when she was in Indonesia using this piece it guided to an Island that was pretty far out from the mainland.  In some of those regions, they don't even know that World War II is over, so they take any visiting factions for factions of infringement and will attack if not stopped before hand.  With that being said, it is a wondrous thing that Adita even ventured into the jungles of Indonesia to find where the power was coming from.  Maybe the fact that there are straggling warriors who have been raised in the wild has a little bit to do with the fact that the power that Adita chased down has never been discovered.  Maybe it was something like Temple Run.  Who knows?  What I know is that Adita discovered an ancient relic called the Cintamani Stone deep in the jungles inside of a temple that was most likely equally as ancient. 

According to Adita, it wasn't very hard to access the Temple, although it was laden with booby traps of all kinds.  The power in the piece that she took with her was able to safely guide her toward the power that was radiating from the center of the temple.  In the center of the temple was a large elaborate altar that had been crafted in regal style with ancient stones and gold trim.  I mean, it was primitive and all, but for the times you could tell that the place was really ancient and built fit for a king.  In the center of the altar was a charcoal color statue of a Jaguar with emeralds for eyes.  The first thing Adita remembers thinking is how much money the place could be worth if it was stripped, but she vowed never to tell a soul where the temple was for the sake of preserving its magical presence. 

In the Jaguars mouth was an ancient stone, which held the power that led Adita to the Temple.  It was from this stone, which is called Cintamani that the chips were taken to make this item.  It holds the original power of the Cintamani Stone, which is the Orient's equivalent of the Sorcerer's Stone.  Until now, it has never been found and we will never be sure to know the exact location of the stone, because Adita has taken her vow very solemnly.  The important part is that we have this piece, though.  Again, it has been made with chips from the Cintamani Stone and holds all the magic, alchemy, and power of the Ancient Orient. 

Basically, this piece is the presence of all oriental magic and holds the power of unlimited wishes.  There really is no more explanation than this.  Using this piece you can grant yourself or anyone else in your proximity unlimited wished.  There are no restrictions on this piece and you can use it to wish for anything you want including powers and ability, wealth, or presence of other entities.  Feel free to use it as you see fit.