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The Four Horsemen exist in every generation in one form or another. The Horsemen function a bit differently over time but their general purposes typically remain the same. Each of the Horsemen and their respective abilities are not always known by all but all feel their existence regardless.


As powerful as they are, it is a very uncommon occurrence that they go out of their way to make themselves known but it is not unheard of either. Be it to carry out a duty or occasionally spare a soul, there have been a few times in history where each of the Horsemen have taken turns revealing themselves to humans.


Even more rare of an occurrence is one of the Horsemen gifting a piece of themselves away to a human but when they do, it is often an act of gratitude or generosity—the latter being the one that occurs least often. These pieces have been collected over the years and today they finally have been collected; one piece from each of the Four Horsemen.


Each piece is a direct counterpart to the Horsemen who wore it.


For this piece, in contrast to War whose contribution to the apocalypse is creating dispute wherever he sees fit, it will prevent conflict and inspire security, love and safety with long lasting results.