Try it before you buy it!
Try it before you buy it!

Try it before you buy it!

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This is laundry soap but it’s very special. There is nothing quite like this until now. 

This soap doesn’t just clean, oh no! This soap cleans your laundry, creates a HUGE bubble of protection around you, charges your magicals while you wear them and creates luck energy!

The scents are amazing and more will be added soon. You can pick from these so far.

My Sweet Nuts. 

Sexy Time Siren.

Put Your Lime In My Coconut.

Scorched Earth.

He Came For Me In Darkness.

Dee Dee’s Dragons.

Motorboat Me.


We also have a special soap called Nasty Panties. That is for your heavily soiled crotch coverings.

Pick the sample you want and place it in your notes. You will get enough to do two loads of normal dirty clothes or one load of heavily soiled. 

We are not doing samples of Nasty Panties yet. That one will come later. You can place them in your cart when you order something. These will be ready in two weeks. So if you order and you don’t get it, we didn’t forget you. You will get your sample.

When the full jars are ready the scent descriptions will be on the listing. 

Here is how to get your free container when the full sizes are ready. We are giving away 5 full containers  when you advertise for us. To do this post this listing to forums, groups, your Facebook page, instagram or make us a video.

We expect the full sizes to do from 30 to 50 loads. It could be more but I need to measure it.

This laundry soap is called Mrs. Mystics Soap co.

A little bit more about the soap. It’s safe, environmentally safe and makes a much less foot print than other soaps. When you need a refill we will send you a bag to refill your container. This will also give you two dollars off the price.  This will lift stains and make you smell glorious! But let’s not forget, it’s going to charge your magicals, create a magic bubble of protection AND bring you heavy duty luck energy! 

When you have to do your laundry I see no other choice! Plus the price will be great!