Surviving the End of the World

Surviving the End of the World

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Surviving the End of the World

This account of strange goings on is only for those of you who have strong stomachs. For those of you who have weak stomachs or tend to get queasy, this may be a little bit much to handle. Then again, if you make it through to the end, it will benefit you greatly. With that being said, I strongly recommend that everyone make it through this story. It uncovers one of the biggest government conspiracies that have been going on, and you will find out how you can protect yourself from it.

Let’s start off with a little history lesson. The Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America has seen its fair share of rain. In fact, this is the dreariest and rainiest part of the United States and probably one of the rainiest in the world. However, what these folks are used to is usually raindrops and droplets of water. What they received this time was something much more interesting than rain.

Residents of Oakville, Washington were due for a major surprise on August 7, 1994. Instead of normal rain most would know it, this tiny community in Washington State was plagued with a different type of rain—it that’s what you want to call it. Blobs of gelatinous substance began to fall from the sky and as it was describe by one police officer, if you held the substance in your hand, it had about the consistency of Jell-0. Weird right?

That’s when the residents of Oakville began falling ill with a “flu” that no one could really describe as any kind of illness that they’ve ever had before. Doctors were baffled and samples of the substance were sent to the Washing State Department of Health. Technicians were shocked to find out that the substance included white blood cells—human white blood cells that is. The substance also contained two separate types of bacteria, one of those being a bacteria that is found in the stomach and digestive tract of a human being.

Answers for what really happened in Washington have circulated, but they have been unanswered. To make sure that this isn’t some type of strange phenomenon, I have been in contact with NASA, NOAA, and several other weather forecasting agencies. They’ve all said the same thing… they haven’t the slightest clue what is going on or where the substance came from.

I took a particular interest in this case. I know it happened way back in 1994, but I also knew that there had to be better answers than I don’t know. About two years ago, I sponsored an investigation into this occurrence and here are the results. As you all know, Haunted Curiosities, has many sources in many places. A top secret contact who works in Area 54 confirmed that samples of the substance were detained in an underground lab, until members of a governmental elitist group took it away with no explanation.

When this source failed, I contacted our contact from the Pentagon. He was able to dig up the following classified information. The blobs that rained on Washington in 1994, and covered an area of 20 square miles, is a result of a top secret government technology. It’s germ warfare. The government needed someone to experiment on…. Welcome to Oakville, Washington.

We obtained a small, controlled sample of this substance. We called in our bio-alchemical correspondents, and we were able to confirm that this substance includes what had previously been speculated by state authorities. We went a bit further, to confirm that the second bacterial strain is what was making the Oakville constituents ill. We named the bacteria Element X. It is transferred via the weather, which HAARP made possible.

The reason behind this project is that when in small amounts Element X will make people fall ill. Basically, this could be used in the event of a small revolt. On a large scale and in mass quantity the bacteria is meant to make humans ill, have them undergo massive transformation, and turn them into living dead creatures that are no smarter than the bottom of the food chain. Basically, this will create a type of custom made Zombie Apocalypse.

The people in charge of this operation aren’t worried in the slightest, as they have constructed a network of underground cities to house themselves in, should they decided to infect people. They know that once the first person has undergone transformation, Element X will spread rampantly. Following the reduction of the human race to babbling, doleful idiots, HAARP will then activate new weather patterns that will kill them off so the remaining humans can repopulate.

However, if you act now, we can help you. We have materialized a vaccine using the small amount of the bacteria we’ve acquire. We’ve combined magic and scientific physics to create these pieces, which hold spirits that will manipulate you existence to become immune to any type of mass bacterial or viral infection. It will shield you from these attacks and keep you safe.

You will also gain a brand of magic that will help you fend for your life when HAARP decides to implement their bacteria. This magic will allow you to destroy fully infected individuals via matter dissipation. It will also help you reverse the transformation process, if you find someone whose life can be spared. This piece is no bullshit and is very powerful, as is the magic that comes with it. These pieces are the only way to survive such an outbreak and they are only available from Haunted Curiosities.