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As promised, these are the angel tarot card items.  All of these pieces are extreme white light.  None of them are even dual.  Pure white light is the name of the game with these pieces.  These pieces have been made with a combination of tarot card magic and hidden divine knowledge magic.  

We don't have all of the pictures for the items yet, but YOU CAN STILL BUY THEM!!  We will have pictures either tomorrow or Friday.  We have three options available for these pieces.  We have bracelets that can be worn by either men or women but are more on the manly side.  We have pendants that are real gemstones that can be worn by a male or a female.  Then, we have small and medium-sized crystal stud earrings in multiple colors.  When placing your order simply put in the notes, "bracelet," "pendant," or "earrings."  We wanted to make sure we have items for all genders!  Take your pick!!

In the initial pictures, you will see a picture of the tarot card and you will see an accompanying information sheet.  There are a few angels that don't have this sheet, but most of them do.  The angel will do what the tarot card and accompanying card says.  In addition to that, all of these angels grant three other things.  Those three things are wealth, prosperity, and protection.  The angels of this tarot are super powerful, so the pieces that we have made with them are equally as powerful.  There are ample pieces, so please feel free to buy as many as you.  Just remember to put in the notes which piece/combination of pieces you want!!


This piece holds the angelic presence of Sitael, who was present for the construction of the universe.  He will teach you sacred numerology and geometry, as well as the rest o the things on his card.