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TO SEE THIS PIECE ON HJTV NOW, CLICK HERE ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veQ4WTtJkkM

This piece is a true treasure of the sea. It's not to say that this piece was recovered from the sea, because it wasn't. Rather, the entity that is embodied in the ring comes from the sea, specifically the Mediterranean Sea. Her name is Miraj and she an ancient mermaid, one of the original daughter's of Poseidon.

In the Mediterranean Sea, she had built quite the collection of treasures, things that were cast over during journey's to save the ship, sunken treasure, pirate treasure, any kind of treasure really. She coveted anything sparkly and valuable like vampires covet blood. In a cavern deep beneath the sea, she lived like a dragon, guarding her treasures.

Her presence was summoned by a sorcerer who sensed her psychically when he was out with some people on a boat, trying to conjure the soul of a loved one who died at sea. The sorcerer came back by himself and conjured Miraj into this piece. Her soul is now attached to this starfish. Seems appropriate, huh?

Either way, the point is that piece will bring a vast amounts of wealth. Miraj is not even CLOSE to done collecting treasures. Since she is now a soul and has no way of stockpiling actual physical treasures, she will swim the realms to find wealth energies that she will attach your being. She will stockpiles these wealth powers the way she stockpiled treasure when she was living "Under Da Sea". These wealth powers will then manifest themselves into your own life. Who knows what form they will come in. Miraj is kind of sporadic in what she likes to collect. Maybe one day, you'll hit it big on a lottery ticket. The next day, you might be getting a hefty inheritance from an Aunt you never even knew. Perhaps one day you'll find a 10k diamond in the street. Maybe some money will fall off the money truck. Who knows?? All we know is that when your least expecting it, BAM!!!!, this piece is going to make you rich!!

Additionally, she will bring you other powers that have long been associated with mermaids such as psychic ability, third-eye awakening, and the ability shape-shift into a mermaid of her kind!

The ring itself, that was made by the sorcerer is an adjustable ring done in sterling silver and, of course, the star-fish face.