Primal Sexual Instincts

Primal Sexual Instincts

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Primal Sexual Instincts<br /><br />

A typical human being might not know it, but there are other animals in nature that seek sex as form of recreation.  We are not alone!!  Just as humans use sex not only as a form of procreation, but also as a form of pleasure, so do other animals.  Some of these animals are actually pretty promiscuous.  One of these animals is the bottle nose dolphin. <br /><br />

The bottle nose dolphin is one of the most promiscuous animals to ever be observed.  They constantly change partners, even taking partners of the same sex, as homosexuality is second nature in dolphin culture.<br /><br /> 

Using an animal spirit conjurence seance, we were able to reach the spirits of ten bottle nose dolphins  Their spirits come from the wild, specifically the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  These spirits have been merged with the pieces that you see here.  They have been infused into these pieces, appropriately shaped as dolphins, with an original sex spirit of your own.<br /><br /> 

Together with the promiscuity and sexuality of the dolphin and the sex spirit's ability to take whatever form you choose for it, this piece is totally customizable.  For instance, if you are a man and desire a woman, so be it.  If you are a woman and desire a woman, so be it.  These sex items do NOT descriminate.<br /><br /> 

I had an experience during testing, and let's just say I got a guy that looked like my own version of Ryan Reynolds.  We weren't done after just one round either.  My world was rocked time after time, all night long.  In fact, I was late for work the next morning.  I got off the hook when I explained to Deedee I had been testing the sex piece. <br /><br />

We only have ten of these pieces.  They are fully original and available now.  They are very powerful sex items, guaranteed to please!! <br /><br />