Ball of Light Pendant

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Ghost lights are a phenomenon that typically are showcased as a ball, or balls of light.

These glowing lights defy natural explanation and are widely reported in remote locations throughout the world, including the United States!

The lights can sparkle, be stationary, or sometimes they are seen in motion. They have been spotted both high in the air and low tot he ground, so they are bizarre an are associated with folklore haunting.

There has been very expansive research done on ghost lights... the articles are available at the Ghost Research Society and the American Ghost Society.

This pendant has been inhibited with the infusion of a ghost light!

What this means for you is that the illusive power of the piece can equip you with the peril of the power in the rare light. The light is a trans-portal opening that will allow you to travel midst the dimensions; even allowing access to the coveted 5th dimension!

Very cool piece that will bring you amazing astral travel~!