Beastly Up-roaring of Protection

Beastly Up-roaring of Protection

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Beastly Up-roaring of Protection

Like you I’ve been in quite a few situations where I have felt pretty creeped out... Some of the investigations we go on are extraordinarily scary at times~

I was once in a valley deep in the West African Savanna where the locals sacrificed animals to a fertility god that lived in a tiny lake. The place was almost entirely covered in blood and you could hear the pitiful wailing of the animals as they cut their throats with crude knives made out of scrap metal. That was very surreal and definitely creepy~!

Then there was the time when I was in college and my best friend who was the security chief took me on a tour of the secret rooms of our campus library. You see it was a converted mansion that was used by the leader of a quasi Hindu cult in the 1920’s and 30’s. There were all kinds of secret passages, rooms filled with cult fetishes that missionaries had brought back from all over the world and a strange little room with a hidden window through which the cult leader would watch his guests as they slept without the slightest inclination on their part. It was long rumored to be haunted and we experienced our share of odd noises, fetishes flying off shelves without any cause and lights turning on and off for no reason. It was very creepy indeed.

But of all the things that gives me the creeps is the feeling that something unseen is stalking you, this to me is the most disturbing! It’s the feeling I had as a child while swimming in the Ocean after having just seen Jaws. I had the same feeling a few years later walking through the Allegheny woods late at night after seeing The Legend of Boggy Creek, I was sure Bigfoot was hunting me through the dark woods. And while in Africa I guarded our Land Rover from thieves during the night while we traveled to a remote village. As I lay on the roof of the Rover with a short bush sword as my only defense, something walked the dark streets of the village. There was no electricity for hundreds of miles and it was a new moon. But I could hear the breathing of the creature and could make out the dark shape that moved up and down the dirt road that passed for the main street of the village. At one point it came very close to our vehicle and I could no longer see where it was. The fright that overcame me at that moment was almost overwhelming, I wanted to jump up and run for the door of the nearby hut where my companions lay sleeping but the only movement I made was to sturdy my grip on the blade in my hand. And then the creature just…disappeared. I never saw it again even though the frightful encounter guaranteed that I would not catch a wink of shut eye for the entire night. I made mention of this mysterious creature to my fellow Missionaries who had spent decades in the field and had traveled to this remote village often. They had no clue as to what it was. I thought it had the vague shape of a lion, but my friends assured me that there had been no lions in the area for almost a century. What was it? I have no idea but I’ll never forget the feeling I had that night. The feeling of being stalked by something large and unknown was an all consuming ominously creepy feeling.

The stalking experience was the most evasive and when I started working for Deedee I met Merlin, a powerful Sorcerer, and he looked and me smiled and said "I have something for you"... he turned around and walked to a drawer, came back and handed me this piece! It is a beast, like a lion --- he said -- I had a vision about you years ago and casted a spell to protectyou, as you were in great danger -- Merlin was the reason the beast disappeared!!

My jaw dropped -- the fear was clearly noted, as I was in danger -- and he gave me the piece as a protection amulet. It will keep the wearer full guarded and protected from entities, creatures, spirits and evil that linger around you! I have loved and adored this piece for years, now Merlin gave me a new piece that holds a connection with my son, thus bonding us to beprotected together -- so I am making this pendant available to you!!

The piece is sterling and remarkably powerful --- it will keep you safe and make you feel powerful -- confidence is key to overcoming fear, which will also abide from this item!

This is great for yourself, or as a gift -- who can't use protection!?