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*True story from a student of Braun's---->

My name is Brady and around 15 years ago, I suffered from depression and anxiety attacks; for no apparent reason. I visited countless doctors. These being dumbfounded by my symptoms did nothing except prescribe me drugs on top of drugs.

None of the prescriptions stopped my pain and suffering.

One day, my wife told me that a Reiki Practitioner (Braun) was visiting my Local Church. At that time, I didn’t know what Reiki was, nor did I cared.

But, even though I was very sceptic, my wife told me that I should take a look. I was convinced that it was going to be just a waste of time, but didn't want to start an argument, so we went to see this Reiki Man.

We went to the place where the Reiki Man was showing his skills. At first, I wasn’t impressed. He looked like the average old man. Nonetheless, my wife "Made Me Volunteer" to go on stage.

Then, something happened!

As soon as he touched me, I felt like some energy was radiating from his hands.

The tension of anxiety and depression left my body, I was shocked...

Could this be? All that I suffered from for so long was like gone away.
“Finally, I was relieved... at peace... This is a moment I’ll Never Forget. ”

After that life changing event, I wanted to learn more about Reiki and its healing properties.

I didnt wait for long, and the following day I had booked a Reiki Class.

It was not cheap, but what I felt was beyond comprehension and being able to do something like that is really priceless.

The first day at the Reiki Class was very exciting and the Reiki Teacher taught me that:

Reiki is not learned in the usual sense, but is transferred from a Reiki Master to his student after sitting for Reiki Classes..

Reiki use is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity or spiritual development and therefore is available to everyone.

** Brady Reiki master was Braun, and after reading this story of life change, we got in contact with Braun and he has been a healer that we have dealt with now for several years!

There are 2 of these available. from Braun,  and they are Reiki Healers. These will impede you with the blessings of reiki power, as if you had sit in on many classes. The skills and highlights that are attained in a one on one lesson will ensue your body and rapture and emit the purities upon your body --- you soon will feel relief and have the substance to become a master Reiki Healer yourself~!!