The Crystal Man
The Crystal Man

The Crystal Man

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This piece is filled with ancient knowledge that you will not find anywhere else. We received this piece as the result of a co-op that we funded in Mexico. We often fund co-ops such as this one. Some of them come back empty-handed. Others, like this one, come up big. If you are looking for an actual living entity look no further than what I am about to tell you about.  


We received this piece from the co-op and we were told that it acquired magical powers from the ruins of an ancient city called Lubaantun. You can find these ruins in modern-day Belize. The reason that the co-op decided on this particular location is that it is the location where the most famous of the Mayan crystal skulls were supposedly found. Thus, they figured the spot had to be pretty spiritually active. They were right.  


When working with the piece, we could tell that we had not been cheated out of our share of something very special and very powerful. We could feel the energy radiating from this piece as soon as we took it out of the encasement that it was sent in. We immediately began working with the piece to determine what type of magic we had received. We were expecting something along the lines of Quetzalcoatl or some other powerful Mayan God, but this is not what we got at all.  


Instead, the entity that we uncovered through working with this piece is something called the Crystal Man. The Crystal Man is an interdimensional being, the likes of which have not been seen before his existence and will mostly never be replicated. The Crystal Man was born from cosmic energies and somehow found his way to Earth.  


In ancient times, he revealed himself to the Mayans. Through revealing himself he was able to reveal many, many different forms of power and magic. Even more, he was able to reveal thousands of secrets of the universe, including the ability to transcend time. You all already know that the Mayans were experts in that department.  


This led to the creation of the Crystal Skull of Lubaantun. The Crystal Man was not always around for relations of magic and knowledge. So, the Mayans crafted a skull out of crystal that symbolized the man. Although this skull was fairly powerful and could reveal certain aspects of magic and knowledge, it paled in comparison to the types of things that the Cyrstal Man could reveal.  


For one, the Crystal Man is an actual living being. He isn't exactly a man, but he is a living being that has come from the cosmos. He is made entirely of crystal, but he is not hard or rigid like you would envision-- like the crystal skulls of ancient days. Rather, he is made up of malleable crystal that has been formed by the energies of the universe. He can bend and move his body in a very peculiar way, which is a good thing. I'll tell you why.  


The Crystal Man is prismatic. He has facial features and body features, but he is clear. The light shines through him and as it does, he can bend it to become what he wants it to become. This is why he has learned to contort his body in so many different ways. The more he can contort his body, the better he can bend light. The better he can bend light, the more magic he can create. He can configure his body in millions of ways, but also remember he is made out of an almost gelatinous crystal substance, which is the congeal energies of the universe.  


The Crystal Man can use any type of light to power synthesis. He can even use light from lightbulbs, fire, and other sources. However, he tends to work best when he is in the sun. After working with him for a while, he will reveal himself to you. However, you have to get to a place where he feels like there is mutual respect before he will appear to you. The more you use this piece, the more he will consider doing so.  


It's a wild experience, too. When he manifests in his true form you will get to experience how he creates the powers he creates. He turns and twists his body, allowing the light to pass through him. The light flashes many different colors. It almost is as if you are at a laser light show, but they are flashing rainbows of light. That's the best way I know how to describe it. After he is done developing the power or magic that he was told to create, it exists in his body. He will put his finger up your forehead where your third eye is located. He then transfers the magic that he has created through your pineal gland and into your body.  


The Crystal Man is both immortal and interdimensional. He has been to many places and he has seen many things. He was no longer walking on Earth, but there were energies in Belize that allowed the co-op to locate and conjure him. So, here he is! You will be able to work with him in the same capacity that we have, as described above. He knows a lot of things and creates an unlimited array of powers for you. He will also be your companion and can deflect negative energies from coming into your life. He does this naturally, as he is a light being from the cosmos.  

This piece is sterling silver and features a chip of crystal from the crystal man that has been allowed to harden and  has been shaped.  The crystal man has been known to do many things for people. The Mayans loved him for raising their ancestors from the dead.  He has been summoned for wealth.  He has been summoned for transcendence of time. He has been known to grant immortality, but will not for everyone. He can reveal and change the future.  He can replicate any type of magic.  His power is endless.