Madeleine: Embodiment of the White Light Elders

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Madeleine: Embodiment of the White Light Elders

I found her at a yard sale. At first, I almost over looked her, because I didn't feel that strong of a connection with her. However, after walking by her for a second time, I realized that I had to have her. I knew that there was something special about her, in the way she stared up at me from her pretty white dress and her big blue eyes. Although, there was some sort of spark there, sending off a signal, I didn't know what it was-- but I wanted to.

I paid the owner for the doll and hurriedly rushed her home. I was excited to explore the possibilities of the spirit I knew was inside of her. After several conjuring sessions and other various extraction rituals, I still was not able to crack this doll's case. I was beginning to get frustrated, so I gave it a rest.

Ironically, that night proved to be more eventful then the whole day I spent trying to get results and not being able to get the answers that I wanted. As I got ready for bed, I decided to set the doll on my night stand in hopes that during the night I might be able to draw some type of connection to it. Looking back at the situation, this is what made all the difference.

For those of you who do not know, REM sleep is the stage of sleep where your eyes are constantly moving. It is the stage of sleep during which the body is shut down and the mind is left open to explore the corners of the subconscious. It is also during this period of time that your body becomes very creative and allows for spiritual undertaking.

Sometimes dreams are not just dreams. Being a very telekinetic person, I know that there are some times that dreams can act as communication vessles. Dreaming is the spiritual part of sleep that allows the spirits to communicate with us. Why? Like I said earlier, our minds become completely open and extremely creative. It's during this sleep that spiritual communication is possible. Most of the time when it occurs, it is subconscious and you simply won't remember in the conscious part of your brain. This is how some people are psychic, others are not, and some are psychic and don't evn realized it-- or don't want to.

Anyway, it during this stage of REM sleep that the spirit in this doll came to me that night. It's odd that it took this much energy, because I am usually pretty good at manifesting my psychic abilities. The spirit in this doll guards its secrets pretty well, though. Thus, she needed some time to know that I wasn't going to exploit her for her power. During the final moments of my sleep, she came to me. At first, I thought it was a dream, as this is naturally what occurs during the ending of REM sleep-- you slowly slip back into consciousness. This is the "out of it" feeling you get when you first wake up.

However, this wasn't a dream. I saw the doll's eyes shift as blue light began to emanate from her even bluer eyes. I watched as the blue light began to flood and fill the room. Eventually, even I was submerged in the blue rays that emanated from the eyes of the doll. The blue light filled my eyes; when it did, my soul was taken from my body. It traveled across the blue lights that served as a spiritual transverse. My soul was relocated in the doll-vessel.

I got to experience first hand what it was like to be a Medieval white witch. I was taken to an era of enlightenment where their craft flourished and the elders handed out magic freely. This particular spirit, whose name is Madeleine, was part of a coven of witches that existed a few miles out from Florence. They lived off the land, using their magic to get by on a daily basis. Madeleine was one of the original witches, who founded this covert group that dwelled in the woods. She was the most powerful of the witches, teaching the others their ways.

At one point in time, Madeleine was a well respected and affluent member of the community. When the magic of the elders befell upon her, she didn't really know what to do with the powers. She was scared and confused. She turned to members of her local parish, who simply pointed the finger and accused her of sleeping with demons. She was eventually ridiculed for supposedly turning away from God. Madeleine did none of this, though. She was simply chosen to receive the gift of the craft. At this point she wasn't aware of it, but this what had happened.

She recluded herself from society, who viewed her as some type of stigma or curse. She spent some time in the woods reflecting, exploring herself and her newly developed powers. On the seventh day of her reclusion, she was visited by the White Light Elders. The Elders are the ones that guard the powers that are contained as the White Light Powers. They are powers that were left over from God and the creation of humanity and the universe. It has been stored here on Earth in an undisclosed area. These spirits were given the responsiblity of presiding over the magic. It was these spirits that gave the powers to Madeleine, because they knew she was capable of handling them.

In a vision, the Elders explained to Madeleine the responsiblity she was given. Madeleine returned to town, explaining to the others what had happened. Of course, they were jealous, so they mocked her and scoffed at her. There were a few people-- both male and female-- that shared similar experience as Madeleine. These few banded together with Madeleine, permanently recluding to the woods, making their own little village. Here they were free from any type of interference with the magic they performed. This small group grew into a dynasty and lineage that would hold the power of the White Light Elders for centuries to come.

When Madeleine was done sharing with me, she relinquished my soul back into my body. When she did, her existence stayed with me and I was given all of the knowledge she just shared with me, including a transference of the powers and magic that I had just seen in my vision. I was given all of the knowledge of Madeleine and the White Light Elders. The magic has proven to be very effective. It comes along with perfected psychic abilities such as psychokinetic energy, dream ascendency, and transitional power procurement.

Additionally, Madeleine will act as your personal liaison between our world and the metaphysical world of magic. She will guide you along your way. The thing is, you must give her time to bond with you in the beginning. Simply allow her the time to get to read your soul. A little bit of patience will go a long way with Madeleine. She is shy at first, but will open up a world full of unlimited potention when you use her the right way!!