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This is your once in a lifetime chance to get a piece imposed with extreme enchanted abilities just for you!! The portal will open, will you miss the opportunity to get an empowered emblem!?

The date when the amazing enchanted portal will open is soon arriving. We have unlocked the hidden area in which the portal will transpire itself. The correlation of this process only happens once every 26,000 years!

Many old cycles are coming to an end. Ancient templates are moving out of their old positions. These ancient templates are spinning around, like wheels within wheels simultaneously going in several different directions, until they settle into their new positions. While the ancient templates are shifting between their old and new positions, we may have strong feelings of being unpinned. The veils between the worlds become extremely thin.

The shifting templates have been preparing us well for the amazement that will occur in November. This preparation is similar to going through locks in a canal. When we enter a lock, the water fills up to a new level. As soon as this happens, the door on the far side of the lock opens and we proceed onwards onto a new level. Currently the energies in the world are going through a series of locks which will take us into our new positions in our New True Lives.

Our journey through the locks is reflected in astrology. On June 1st there was a Solar Eclipse which for many was a huge Turning Point. At the midpoint of June, on the 15th, there was a Lunar Eclipse and there was just another Solar Eclipse on July 1st. ... this showcased the emergence to a totally new level. The shifting templates will begin to click into their new positions enabling us to shift our lives onto a totally new road.

If we stay True, this is the time when we can begin to jump into our New True Lives. It's also when our New Purposes shall start to be revealed. This series of rare Eclipses gives us a powerful push forward into our New Directions. In June, some of us will dramatically shift tracks. Even if we don't, we will experience major internal changes.This is why it's still vitally important to get into our right positions for our New True Lives by the second half of the year.

The person whom we are right now as we enter the path toward the opening portal will be quite different from the person whom we will be when we exit the experience. We will be much closer to fully inhabiting our New Landscape, for we ourselves, will be new.

With so much emphasis on birthing the New, it's easy to forget that we also need to close the doors of the old, to consciously bring old cycles to an end before we can fully open the door of the New.

On a personal level, we also have many old doors to close. When we finally, irrevocably, close these old doors, they are removed from our personal matrix. Then, we will be ready for our New True Lives. That's when we will experience a burst of the fresh energy of personal freedom that will propel us forward into the New and True.

This powerful push forward is much needed, for some of us have been forgetting that this is the Time of Completion. We have become numb from the numerous catastrophes happening on the planet and have pushed aside our inner knowingness as a True One. It's understandable why we do this, because everything that is happening is more than we can take and more than we can integrate.

Because of this, we sometimes allow ourselves to become smaller than we really are. When we become numb, we try to reassure ourselves that we are in normal times. But we are not. We have all chosen to be here during this momentous shift from duality to Oneness. We are the ones who are needed to bring old cycles to a close and birth new ones.

With this process there is a Shapeshifter who prepares to receive these waves of sonic transmissions from the 11-11-11 portal gateway by preparing the body temple and energetic fields to receive this information in the form of higher vibrational frequencies,. This will awaken your DNA so you will become a receiver/transmitter of multidimensional information from the pieces that we will be empowering at the portal.

Energy will flow, the portal will appear, the world will be spinning, spiraling, diving deep within the cosmos, communicating with scalar fields and biophotons; this will activate the divine gnosis. This will allow empower the items we take with us!!

You will be able to use your emblem to see alien holograms, connect with future and probable selves, perform healings, see and feel merge in the sacred geometrics of the matrix and receive transmissions that will transform your personal space, enliven and awaken your soul and bring bliss into your daily life. The portal is also vaulted with walls of psychic and supernatural abilities that will impose within the surroundings of the piece that you will receive.

Deedee has had many dreams and visions about this experience and we have been getting extremely excited about the arrival of the date!

You will need to pre-order one of these pieces, because they will need to be implemented at the time of the portal opening. We DO know the exact location and we WILL be there!!

These are available for $500.00 for a sterling silver item and $725.00 for a gold piece

If you are interested in locking in your piece, let me know!!

We will need your full name, including middle name (if you have one), to ensure that the powers portrayed upon your item will be fortified especially for you!

Reserve your remarkable piece today!!