In the Mind of the Creatrix
In the Mind of the Creatrix
In the Mind of the Creatrix
In the Mind of the Creatrix

In the Mind of the Creatrix

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This description won't be as long as the other ones that we put on today and yesterday. This is because it doesn't have to be. If you think that Deedee went down to Florida without me, well you'd only be correct in one aspect of existence. While I didn't go with her physically, I have been traveling down to Florida astrally and I have done so three times already. This is not a new trick. Deedee and I do this all the time when going investigations. Sure, certain investigations require you to be there physically, but testing of pieces is not one of them. Besides, she really wanted me to test this piece because she said she knew that it was right up my ally. She knows that sometimes when I'm working with too much magic I get worked up and my anxiety gets high. Look, transformation or not transformation nobody is perfect. I like magic that really brings a sense of calm and grounding and I'll tell you that this piece does both of those things. This is not at all the powerful part of the piece, but what I'm saying is that the piece is so full of white light that it really just brings a subtle calm to your entire body when you are using it.

To fully understand this piece, you must first be familiar with the goddess Tara. The Goddess Tars is not a single goddess or principal but has many forms and manifestations. She is the goddess archetype of Hindu Mythology. She is known as the governess of the Underworld, of Earth and the Heavens, of death and regeneration, of love and war, of the seasons, of all that lives and grow, of the cycles of the moon and creation. She brings the Binary Balance of life to those she touches and allows them to leave their bodies and exist in their sacred god or goddess form, which is why she is often called the "Mother of Liberation." She is the goddess of the material and the ethereal and will allow us to experience both.

The story behind the acquisition of this piece is that the person from who we bought it went on an investigation to a hidden temple in Asia himself. Of course, we weren't there to verify, so we are going based on what he tells us, but the magic in this piece seems pretty congruent to what he told us. He said that once inside of this mystical temple complex that he was exploring, he began to see manifestations of himself. They were the many fragments of his soul that existed in pieces and they were only healed once he met the entity that is simply called the Bodhisattva. This is the inner god form of himself that he had to face head-on in order to draw all the aspects of his soul into one living organism so he could acquire oneness, enlightenment, and ascension into white light understanding.

Having said that each Bodhisattva that is encountered in this magical place was not similar. They were very, very different and that is because everybody's soul is different and we all have our own troubles and worries and challenges that we have to face. The Bodhisattva allows you to leave those behind when using the energies of the temple, which are the same energies that are in this piece. Thus, the man we got this piece from was able to embrace and bring forth his inner Bodhisattva-- his inner god-- and manifest this aspect of his soul to become one with his mortal body. The Temple that I mentioned to you is an ancient Temple of Tara, which only makes sense. Thus, when receiving a oneness with your inner Bodhisattva, you will also receive a oneness with Tara. This is because it is her power and her presence that allows you to do so.

My encounter with the piece was sort of similar to the guy from whom we got it. When I used this piece, it put me into an almost immediate state of meditation. It might not do the same for you, I'm just really savvy when it comes to meditation. Sleeping and any other form of inebriated state is my favorite, so when it's time to test a meditation piece, I'm all about. So, there I was in a comfy chair meditating with this piece. At first, there was nothing but darkness. Then as I focused the energies of the piece into my inner, core being, I began to see manifestations of my own soul. There were hundreds of them. These shards of my soul were floating around, even in my current transformed state they weren't 100% whole. It was like one of those funhouse mirror rooms because every which way I turned, I came face to face with another reflection of myself. I had to face those reflections and to feel the energies, pull them together and then become one in order to manifest my Bodhisattva. He became my spirit guide and when he did he led me through a system of realms called the 10 Ways of Wonder. Each of these Ways of Wonder taught me a lesson of ascension. They were like stairs that I had to climb in order to get to the apex of my journey.

These 10 Ways of Wonder will vary depending upon who you are and they will teach you lessons in life and they will give you magic that you can manifest into your own life. One of the things I had to balance before I reach my apex was my fear of poverty. In doing so, I am now able to manifest certain wealth powers that bring wealth into my life. The idea is to show you areas of your life where you need balance, in order to manifest your inner Bodhisattva and become like a god (or goddess on Earth.) When I reached my Apex, I greeted by a slender woman. She had a pale, veiled face and long hair, golden like straw. She peered at me from between her veil with icy blue eyes that looked like little ponds. I was overcome by an overwhelming sense of calmness and joy and everything and every worry that I have ever felt in my body left and I just felt content. It was the meaning of true ecstasy and when I finally experience that, I was given oneness with myself and with the goddess Tara.

In achieving oneness with the goddess Tara, she opened up her mind to me and her many aspects gave me many different powers and abilities. She took me to the top of existence, where I was able to look down and out upon everything and anything. At this moment, I lived outside of both spiritual and physical means and I was able to control and see whatever I wanted to control and see. Thus, I was able to see many forms of magic that have become part of my soul, as well. These were all primordial forms of magic that exist outside of existence as we know it. They are forms of magic that you can only know by achieving godhood. So, like I said there were also many other forms of magic that I was able to ascertain from becoming one with the goddess. These included the ability to control fate and destiny and deliver fate and destiny as I see fit. She gave me control over the lifeforce and the ability to grant immortality for myself, but only if I wanted it. She has allowed me to create energies and magic in my mind that is manifest into reality with her powers of being the creatrix. She has given me the ability to summon all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to acquire their magic and comprehension. She is the mother of them all. My soul has experienced regeneration and all versions of myself have been pulled together and I have been spiritually healed to the maximum. All psychic abilities and the magic of the moon cycles and astral cycles flow through me. I am connected with the magic of all that lives and grows and I can communicate with all souls and spirits. This is because Tara has made me like her and has given me the gift of oneness with the universe. I live in the Mind of Tara.

The good news is that you can, too. In fact, anybody who uses this piece can experience what I have experienced. They can be transformed into an ultra-powerful being capable of knowing things, seeing all things, and more importantly, connecting with all things. They can create powers and magic and exist in their true godform. All you have to do is use the piece.