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Attracting Success Whatever you put your mind to you can achieve, once you discover the power that radiates within this piece. This will allow you to manipulate events and circumstances into your favor! No more will you be the one shadowed by your peers and co-workers. You will stand out with your unique ideas and twists of information that will occur in your mind to bring you strengths that will allow you to rise above the rest. Be the success that you know you were meant to be! No longer get put down by your family and friends, as they question your decisions and actions. It is amazing how fast this piece will give you the wings to excel and succeed!! The energies tantalize your mind with the arousal of designed fractions that impart all the "pieces of the puzzle" to merge together~ THIS ONE TOO IS AN CAST UPON INCENSE AND YOU WILL GET THREE OF THEM FOR 10.00,IMAGES WILL BE ON MONDAY. ALL OF THESE ARE DIFFERENT AND ALL SMELL GREAT.