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The Ouroboros is a never ending spirit of all knowledge. It digests it's own education,magic and power. Doing this never lets anything important leave it. The Dawn State Ouroboros is a much different empowerment in that it does not shield it's owner from the ancient in fear of the owner becoming more powerful.

Most of the Ouroboros will allow for many mystical empowerments and gifts along with the enlightenment but never will they allow the full seed to be shown.

The Dawn state gives it to you from pre-creation as a spirit itself it is like God where it has always just been. With this item you take on the form ( in spirit) of the Ourboros. This means that you are getting a real Dawn  State Ouroboros that will allow you to gain all of it's power,enlightenment,education,commanding of other creatures under it's power and full kknowledge. This is like a transformation because all the information is exchanged.

There are many types of things you can do with this piece. You can use it to know what will be happening or you can use the Education of it to know how to handle a future situation. How to become wealthy,different health aids,psychic abilities. Actually the list is very long as a spirit that has been here for eons you learn so much. Learning is not fun if you can't use it so you get all the ancient magics as well. It is not a product that will disappoint.