HC 57-  57 Varieties of Wealth

HC 57- 57 Varieties of Wealth

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HC 57-  57 Varieties of Wealth

A while ago, we were sitting here thinking of a new, innovative piece that we could make for you, our customers.  It seems that one of the biggest things that seems to elude people the most is wealth.  I'm not talking the ability to pay your bills on time.  I'm talking about Paris Hilton, Rothchild, John F. Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, and Winston Churchill kind of wealth... the kind that will allow you to never worry about another damn thing in your life. 

We sat down with our witch consort, Talia and our wizard of wall street guide,Sorbone, and planned on how we could make this piece.  With the right energies we have mastered the concepts of wealth, creating a piece that will perform 57 magical spells, abilities and summonings that will attract all sorts of wealth for you.  They are each unique and will bring about a different type of wealth from a different facet of wealth.  The energies in this piece took us quite some time to create, but alas, we have made it and here it is. 

The following are the enchantments that have been put into this piece they will bring you the power to/grant you the power of:

  • marriage to a rich man
  • marriage to a rich woman
  • win your lawsuit settlement
  • win the lottery
  • win at Texas Hold 'Em
  • win at Roulette
  • win on Slot Machines
  • win on Horse Racing Bets
  • win during Bingo
  • win contests and sweepstakes
  • capitalize on stock market investments
  • maximize earnings on savings bonds
  • capitalize on your 401 (k)
  • capitalize on your money market account
  • maximize your gold market earnings
  • maximize your silver market earnings
  • capitalize on your foreign money market account
  • maximize your earnings on college savings accounts
  • receive an inheritence from a deceased family member
  • receive a fortune from a stranger-- kind of like Khloe Kardashian
  • elephant totem wealth spell
  • phoenix gold egg wealth spell
  • leprechaun gold wealth spell
  • leprechaun silver wealth spell
  • ancient dragon wealth spell
  • summons Teutates, Celtic god of money and fertility
  • summons Cerunnos, Celtic god of wealth
  • sumons Odin, Norse god of wisdom and wealth
  • summons Tara, Pagan goddess of wealth and prosperity
  • summons Horus, Egyptian god of success
  • summons Renenet, Egyptian goddess
  • summons Wamala, East African god of wealth and prosperity
  • summons Anayaroli, East African god of wealth
  • summons Ashiakle, West African goddess of wealth and prosperity (voodoo)
  • summons Osanobua, West African wealth, prosperity, health, and healing deity (voodoo)
  • summons Dedwen, Nubian god of wealth and prosperity
  • summons Saubhagya-Bhuvanesvari Buddhist goddess of good luck, fortune and prosperity
  • summons Tsai Shen, Chinese god of wealth
  • summons Fortuna, Roman goddess of luck, fortune, and fate
  • summons Abundantia, Roman goddess of luck, abundance, and properity who distributed food and money from a cornucopia
  • summons Copia, Roman goddess of wealth and plenty
  • summons Sors, Roman god of Luck
  • summons Pluto, Roman god of wealth, bounty of harvests, and the wealth of the land
  • summons Moneta, Roman goddess of wealth, prosperity and good council
  • summons Kubera, Hindu god of wealth and prosperity
  • summons Shreem, Hindu god of wealth
  • summons an ancient band of wealth djinn that will grant all wishes associated with wealth
  • summons a mermaid, who will bring you the riches that Poseidon has hidden on the four corners of the Earth
  • summons a flight of wealth fairies that will bring you extreme wealth powers and divine white light magic
  • summons a knocker, which are mining dwarves that knocked to guide miners to treasures.  These dwarves will knock to guide your life to wealth and prosperity. 
  • summons the powers of the sorcerers' stone so that way you can use its alchemy to create your own wealth powers
  • summons the wealth in the power of the royal bloodline and Illuminati wealth
  • summons an ancient Atlantean entity for wealth of knowledge
  • summons the wealth of 1,001 Arabian Nights and the wealth of the oil Sheiks
  • delivers the wealth of the Masonic Grand Temple
  • brings you the wealth of 1000 conjured million souls
  • brings you wealth of El Dorado, the city of gold

** Your piece will be selected to you by Lindy, as we had a multitude of earrings, braceletes, rings and pins interjected with these summoned energies and powers! If you have a preference, you can make a request when you checkout, if you choose a ring, please state your size and we will accomodate according to the availibility of the invoked items.