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Zoroastrain Psychic Abilities

This item contains a magic that was developed by a man named Karl Zener, who lived from 1903 to 1964.  He professed to be a modern day psychologist and that he wanted to run tests on people to see if extra-sensory perception and clairvoyance were, indeed, a true aspect of life.

His experiments took people at random, put them in a room with one other person with five cards placed face down.  It was then the responsibility of the participant to try to psychically read a design on the opposite side of the card that was selected by the person conducting the experiment. 

On the reverse side of the cards were five different symbols.  One was a circle, the next a Greek cross.  There was one that simply three squiggly lines drawn next to one another, there was a square, and finally a five point star.  I'm not sure how these shapes correspond to one another, but they are actually an ancient Zoroastrain combination spell that creates a vortex to pull energies from another individual. 

Here's the truth.  A lot of psychologists have issues themselves.  Zener had an infatuation with psychic and telekinetic ability.  He could never get enough of it.  As a result, he used his guise as a psychologist to set up these "examinations" where he would use these cards to "test" the psychic ability of others.  In all actuality what he was doing was setting up a vortex to steal any and all psychic and telekinetic abilities from as many different people as he could coax into taking his "exam". 

We came across an original set of Zener Cards used by Karl Zener and his staff.  We were able to pull the energies that had been extracted from others from this set of five cards.  The energies were extracted and put into this item.  Below is a complete listing of the psychic/telekinetic powers you will gain with this piece.  They are all original powers from real people, magicians, wizards, witches, mages, etc.

Apportation - the ability to materialize, disappear, or teleport a physical object

Aura reading- the ability to read energy fields surrounding people, places, and things.[2]

Automatic writing -  the ability to write, psychically, without conscious thought.

Astral projection or mental projection- the abilities to produce out-of-body experiences in which your "astral body" becomes separate from the physical body.

Bilocation or multilocation - the ability to be in multiple places at the same time.

Clairvoyance or 6th Sense- the ability to perceive energies that are outside of the known human senses

Death-warning-  the ability to recieve visions of a living person prior to his or her death and the circumstances surround the death

Divination -  the ability that allows you to gain insight into a situation via a ritual.

Dowsing - the ability to locate objects, magic and powers from across any plane or spectrum of existence

Energy medicine/Spiritual Healing - the ability to heal by channelling different forms of spiritual esoteric energies

Faith healing - the abilit to Diagnose and cure disease and demonic possession using religious devotion.

Mediumship or channeling- the ability to communicate with and summon spirits
Precognition, premonition and precognitive dreams - the ability to receive visions of events before they happen.

Psychokinesis or telekinesis - the ability to manipulate matter or energy using solely the powers of the mind

Psychometry or psychoscopy - the ability to touch an object and pull psychci visions of the circumstance and energies surrounding the object or person.

Remote viewing -  the ability to astrally project your presence into the mind of a predetermined entity to view things that are out of your scope of vision.

Retrocognition-  the ability to enter an environment and be able to read the energies of the environment to read its FULL pass

Scrying -  the ability to use mirrors, crystal balls, looking glasses, windows, etc to see into the future.

Telepathy-  the ability to psychically transfer comprehensible thought and/or emotions without the use of verbal language