Laid To Rest By Fire
Laid To Rest By Fire
Laid To Rest By Fire

Laid To Rest By Fire

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Atop a 4,000 foot mountain, some 200 miles north of capital of the Philippines, Manila, mystery abounds.  The preserved remains of the ancients lie buried in a series of caverns and caves, ranging from the side of Mount Timbac all the way up to the apex of the mountain.  Some of them have been locked away for thousands of years, dating back 2000 BC.  They are nicknamed the fire mummies for the way the ancients smoked them over a divined fire before they were carried to their resting spot in a dark cave thousands of feet up the side of a remote mountain in the Philippines.  

The Ibaloi people, who are an ancient race of folks who once dwelt on the Philippine Islands, smoke their dead over an divined fire before lying their dead to rest.  They did this in order to preserved the bodies of their beloved, that one day they may rise again.  There are thousands of bodies that have been hidden in a series of 80 sacred caves.  In the present day, the modern descendants still practice the same divination rituals, but the do now smoke the bodies of the deceases, as it has been outlawed due to apparent hygiene issues.  I'm not really sure what would pose the issue consider the Ibaloi people had been doing this from 2000 BC up until 1500 AD when Spain showed up in the Philippines, trying to teach the natives a new way of life.  This is how it always works.  The Europeans with money show up and take over, just because they want to.  The kill off the natives and then, all of a sudden, the place it theirs.  It really kind of makes me sick, even though I am of European descent this life cycle.  In my most previous life cycle, though, I was a native who was forced to walk the Trail of Tears.  

Enough about me though, this isn't about me.  This is about the fact that the natives in the Philippines still practice their divination.  They-- to this day-- still ascend the mountain in order to perform their ancient rituals of the dead.  This isn't to say that these people are civilized enough to have cell phones and computers.  It's just that if you know of an ancient art form that will bring you magic, why not keep it up?  Don't lose out on it like the rest of the world has!  Stay true to your roots.  Needless to say, modern technology is how we got in contact with one of theIbaloi moderns.  He invited us over after he scoured and website and realized exactly what it was we were into.  

I have to admit, even I was a little bit astonished to find out that the folks who were performed these rituals a little bit more rustic looking than they were.  I mean, they were dressed in traditional garb, but other than that they were well-kept and well groomed.  I'm sure this is a lot more that we can say about the ancients, who problem were in a shit-shambles at best.  Either way, the show went on.  As we marched up the hill, on a night that happened to boast a very low hanging full-moon, we could feel the presence of the spirits, or should I say entities that we were approaching.  I was informed that the elders of the tribe were going to performing what is called a Dance of the Dead.  Not really sure what this ritual entailed, I simply nodded by head and kept on walking.  It was a lot to take in, walking up the mountain, with the moon hanging so close.  The energy hung thick in the air.  

As we ascended the mountain, we made our way into a caver that was covered with traditional tribal markings. The people that served as the guides for the travelers led us down meandering paths and corridors made of stone, until we came to a main chamber that was as large as a stone cathedral, covered with torches that stuck out of the wall.  There were dozens upon dozens of mummified corpses and I was in awe at how well they kept their form.  It was in the center of this cave, where there existed a small ring designated for fire.  Wood was put in place and the elder natives began to perform a ritual dance around the fire.  One by one the corpses began to be reanimated, in full body form as they would lived on life.  They also joined in on the dance.  I couldn't believe what exactly I was seeing, so a dug my fists into my eyes and looked again.  Surely what I was seeing was nothing short of miracle.  I mean, it put an entirely new mean to "Dem bone, dem bones, gonna walk around."  I can tell you that much.  

I was inquisitive so I asked the person with whom we had come if this was some type of psychic hallucination or if this was actually happening.  To this he beckoned one of the animated corpses. The drew a knife a cut the corpse just enough to allow him to bleed a little bit. It was still enough for me to gather the blood in a small vial.  I brought it back with us to the office, just so we could analyze and investigate the situation.  However, when I went to retrieve the blood it had turned into the several gems, the same size of a cranberry color.  We had them reshaped,resized and set into this piece that you see pictured for this listing.  The powers in this piece are beyond anything that you've ever experienced.  

Later that evening we were informed that the process by which these mummies are smoked, in conjunction with the divined fire, transforms the bodies in the vampires.  They are laid to rest, under a spell, until they are beckoned to awake,  This is done only once a year.  The living members of the tribe are then allow to siphon the vampire energies and abilities from the immortal corpses.  This is seen as an honor by the corpses as even in death they are able to assist with the strength and magic of their tribe.  They corpses are then laid to rest until the following year.  It was definitely an eye-opening experience to say the least.  

As for the piece, it was made with the blood of ritualized vampire.  I don't think they are the same sanguines, because if that was true they'd require blood, but they don't.  They only require the energies from the divine fire that they are smoked with upon their death. It makes them immortal and while they are laid to rest, the powers and energies brew inside of them like a hurricane until the winds of their storm are released for those who are ready and willing to receive them.  These powers, are very, very similar to that of a sanguine vampire, though, as all vampires bear some sort of similarities.  With the solidified blood that this ring holds, what you are essentially getting is a vampiric magnet that will never need charging.  Just as the mummified vampires feed off the energies form the earth, so will your ring.  If will take the energies of all things-- the earth, the air, sunshine, water, etc.-- and turn them into vampiricabilities that it will then give to you, the wearer of the ring.  These abilities include, but are not limited to, super human strength, Psy-Ops with the ability to control minds, dual sorcery, full psychic awakening, bi-location, and many, many more.  In fact, testing this piece has been a growing experience, because there are just so much power that his piece entails.  You will never get bored with it and you will always be absorbing new types of powers because this piece works off of the energies of the Earth!


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