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The underworld really is a dark place<br /><br />


This piece is a treasure cove for those who are into the dark side of magic. I have been working with this piece since 2004, when I first came into contact with it. I have gotten the piece to the point where I feel comfortable with relinquishing it to one of my lucky customers... and getting this piece is very lucky because it is the only one of its kind. <br /><br />


In the late 1990's archaeologists made an incredible discovery. Situated on the Island of Orkney, in Scotland is the descent into the Underworld. The structure has been built and exists deep underneath the surface of the Earth. Experts say the structure is 3 or 4 thousand years old, and they have absolutely no idea who the architectural masterminds behind the structure are. The fact is, that there isn't much known about the structure at all. <br /><br />


The entrance way is nestled in a chamber that looks like it would just be a regular mine shaft. In fact, that's what they thought it was, until archaeologists accidentally discovered the structure. When they did, it created a buzz in the world of archaeology. <br /><br />

After being encompassed by the chambers of the structure, archaeologists began reporting strange sightings. At first, it began as simple shadowy movements out of the corners of their eyes. After a while, these same archaeologists began reporting full figured shadow people, some even going as far as to call these apparitions demons. Some of the people working at the site even reported feelings of paranoia and illness, which is common for paranormal phenomena. With this being said, the experiences were kept low-key simply because of funding reasons, and the people working on the case were afraid that the sponsors who were funding the project would shut it down if they found out.<br /><br />


As a result, one specific archaeologist called in Deedee. He had previous results with her and he knew that we were the real deal and could help to solve their mysteries. They flew us to Scotland, where we, at first, visited'; and then we got to work in the findings on Orkney Island. <br /><br />


When we arrived, ominousness hung over the place that was so heavy that I could have cut it with a knife. As we made way to the entrance, it was dark-- really dark. It seemed to only get darker as we arrived to the entrance. Once we were in, the passageway descended greatly, until we arrived in a landing with two spiral staircases descending into the depths of the Earth. The stretch was dark, even with the light of a flashlight. It felt very lonely and the walls seemed to encompass my soul. <br /><br />


As we made our way down the staircase, Deedee began picking up on the spiritual activity that roved freely in the structure. The passageway that we decided to take led us into a small box shaped room. There were inscriptions carved into the walls and drawings that looked like ancient depictions of devils and demons. The man that was guiding our tour was quick to point out that these were not here before. It's interesting to point out that the inscriptions vanished when we left; and according to the archaeologists working at this site, have never reappeared. <br /><br />


Noticing the inscriptions on the wall, Deedee put her hand out to trace them with her fingers. As she did, her eyes rolled back in her head. She looked like she was having a terrible bout of epilepsy. She began babbling in a language that nobody that was with us even remotely understood. Her eyes turned blood red, and small droplets of blood began to form in the corner of her eyes, where she would have normally cried. Her fingernails became immediately longer and darker. Her face turned up in a snarl as she continued to babble senselessly. <br /><br />


Then, as if the whole thing was a terrible nightmare, she fell down, here eyes no longer bleeding but not entirely normally. She leaned forward, coughing and choking words. She finally was able to mutter the words, “Abandoned are ye who enter here.” At that the glyphs on the wall began to seep a cranberry colored blood. <br /><br />


The room began to tremble as if there were an earthquake taking place. Our flashlights stopped working and there was a dark, whirring noise. For a minute I could have sworn there was an F5 tornado ripping the little cavern to shreds. The room began to strobe and pulse a bright chocolate-cherry color. As it did, I could catch glimpses of Hell in the pulses of light. I was able to see legions of demons and shadow people take form. I saw into the dark pits of Hell. I saw creatures with glowing red and yellow eyes. At one point one of them even brushed up against my skin, leaving a warm, slimy sensation that made me feel gross deep into the core of my being. <br /><br />


My existence seemed miniscule compared to the dark magic that emanated from these beings and this room. I heard bloodcurdling murmurs and wails and moans of grief echo thru the entire chamber. It was the most evil thing that I have ever heard in my entire life. It hurt my ears, and I crouched into a corner with my hands clasped over them. There was a loud bang, like the loudest clap of thunder that I've ever heard. It resonated its sound throughout the cavern and I could have sworn the whole structure was about to cave in. <br /><br />


The next thing I noticed was raining ash. It began to rain a light gray, charcoal colored ash. The strobe stopped, The glyphs and its blood disappeared. Deedee woke up from her trance. I pulled this piece out of a pile of ash that had accumulated on the floor where we were at. After this, we high-tailed it back to the entrance of the cave. <br /><br />


After several testing periods, we have finally been able to tame the wild beast that is this piece. This piece holds one of the original Fallen Angels that fought alongside Lucifer in the war between Good and Evil. He will come to you and give you a dark divination. His name is Raum, and he will not be allowed to take you over unless you allow him to. He will give you the secrets to the source of a dark craft that is as old as Hell itself. He will march you down the streets that will lead to to all the powers of the forbidden friuts. This will give you the darkest form of magic that there is to be allocated from Hell.<br /><br />


This piece is really powerful. Raum will manifest all of his secrets to you. In this way you will be able to become a very powerful dark arts sorcerer. You will be able to see demons and control evil beings. You will gain the knowledge of dark alchemy and all other things that go along with dark magic. <br /><br />

This is a most unusual stone that you can't see seems to sit on a half moon bowl shapped sterling. This is the color my eyes turned. This is what they tell me anyway. It is an experience I will never forget as long as I live. The glyphs were magic themselves. I have another ring that shows these glyphs but I need to dig it up. This ring I took to a friend of mine who only studies the dark arts and he told me that the ring's stone is from a planet that the fallen ones took over. This is the same planet that they cordinated the placing of the pyramids to form a magical line here on Earth. The stone itself seems to move when you move the ring as if it is alive. I believe that it is. The feeling you get when wearing it you know what it is capable of. We always don't sell this type of thing but I have come to realize that no matter what you do when it picks a host vessel it can't be destroyed so why not place it with someone that can take the bad and turn it to good? Just as good can be used for bad you may use this for it's true intentions or good for all. In either case this is one very powerful piece that you will find no where else.