The Salagrama
The Salagrama

The Salagrama

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When the stone arrived to us in the mail we had no idea what it could possibly be.  We do a lot of work with the paranormal and supernatural, but I guess this stone is one of the world's best kept secrets.  This might be because of its incredible magical properties.  
Apparently, Adita thought it would great to send us the gift with us not knowing what it was, to see if we could guess.  I mean, we could feel the power emanating from it, but honestly we thought there was some sort of entity held within.  We were a bit off-- but hey we tried!   
According to Adita, she found this stone in a abandon temple.  It was lying at the bottom of a fountain that had probably once been pretty grandiose.  It has since been overgrown with a bunch of vines and other plant life.  At the bottom of the fountain this stone was located, which led her to believe that there had to be some sort of mass exodus of the people who once inhabited the place.  Why else would they leave something so powerful behind??  
The stone that she found is a rare type of stone known as the Salagrama.  It's an ancient Indian stone that holds very powerful magic.  Usually, fragments of the whole stone are worn as amulets, but the size of the whole is roughly the size of a pool ball.  The stone is washed frequently by the owner, as the owner typically knows how lucky they are to own such a relic. This is because the waters that are touched by the stone exhibit the ability to dispel sin.  
By sin, what I mean it is used to dispel your mortality-- the blemishes your soul was born with.  We all have them.  TO remove these blemishes means that you spiritual energy will flow again.  Just as the blood flows, your spiritual energy needs to flow, too.  In fact when being cleansed by the Salagrama, your spiritual energy will flow so vigorously, that your full psychic ability will be released.  As more and more of your sin is dispelled using the energy that is found in this stone, more and more magical abilities appear.  What abilities each person gets are in accordance to which innate powers lie in their body.  We are all born with certain powers, but we are also born into iniquity and immortality.  The only way to release these powers is to become truly, spiritually free.  This is the power of the Salagrama Stone.  
Usually, the waters that are used to wash the stone are drank.  Since we got this stone from Adita, we decided why not make items with its power?  The process involves the stone and each piece being placed in a container together for three days simultaneously.  The piece is then taken out of the water and allowed to air dry.  This is when the piece has the full ability of the Salagrama Stone.  We have made more than one of these pieces, but only one picture is being shown.  If you want one of these pieces, all you have to do is add it to your cart.  Having said that, you may not receive the exact piece that is shown, but something similar.  It holds the same powers, though and is just as powerful.  These piece are incredible.  They are the perfect way to get your own spiritual energy flowing and to unmask your inner, hidden abilities that have been screaming to be released your entire life!!  I can't really say which abilities you will gain with this piece, because they vary from person to person.  It demands on your spiritual make up and DNA sequence, but they are the powers you were born with.  You will be the best at them!  Let the powers in this piece help you