Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine
Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine
Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine
Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine
Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine

Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine

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Nine Knights of Reuvin,the masters elect of nine

I'm just going to begin by saying that this piece holds extreme power. With that being said, allow me delve right into the details of the piece. If you haven't heard of the Freemasons, then please allow me to explain. The roots of the Freemasons lie in France, where the idea originally took form. As it evolved it began to encompass more and more of an area, until eventually there were Freemason societies all over the world. It is important to remember, though, that the roots lie in France. This is where the most powerful Freemason items come from, simply because it is where the most powerful Freemason magic if found. It is also where the Freemason's/ wizards Jug that I'm offering comes from.

At first, the group was a simple group of workers banded together and initiated into a group. The rich upper crust of society gives people of a lower class group a little bit of power and recognition. These people are content to live their lives as lower level members simply because they are blinded by the upper members of the Freemasons, who are the ones that really hold all of the power. It is these upper-crust members that are the ones that hold all the magic, energies, geometric truths, and knowledge that have been passed down by previous upper-crust members. The lower members of the group are simply decoys, so that way the rich ones can get away with practicing their magic.

Well, we here at HauntedCuriosities know much better than that. We are in cahoots with all types of people and upper lever Freemason officials are no exception. We have our way of figuring things out. Luckily, we choose to use this information to pass on to our customers what has been passed on to us. This is the case with the Freemason Energy Vessel that I am offering. It is an extremely covert vessel that I receive by a connection that I have in France.

Although most of the Freemasons that exist today only practice their magic as a form of passed-down rituals and ceremonies, there is actually a Book of Masonic Knowledge that only the upper-lever Freemasons have ever had access to. It is the foundation on which all Masonic magic has been based. One way or another, each Masonic group traces its roots back to this book. It is the one book that holds all the secrets to every magic that has ever existed. It writes itself, adding pages as need and recording old and new magics in immortal ink.

Only one time has the Book of Masonic Knowledge ever been revealed to the public. This was in the 1800s when one William Morgan wrote his own famous book that revealed the mysteries of ancient Freemasonry. He used this book to give the outside world a particular description of the ceremonies that can be found in the lodges of the first six or seven degrees of Freemasons. The rumor that such a book was being published led to the arrest of Morgan for a list of apocryphal accusations. Eventually, while locked up in prison he was kidnapped by a group of upper-level Freemasons and killed. What these Freemasons were after was the secrecy of the upper-level; and they were willing to keep it at any and all costs.

What the Masonic Book of Knowledge holds is the secret rituals of the core group of Freemasons-- the ones that hold dominion over all others. it is from this book that I have learned the secret rituals that are involved in activating the energy vessel that I have, which serves as an original Freemason relic.

The vessel was, at one point, the possession of a reclusive group that belonged to the Freemason organization. This isn't to say they didn't belong to the aristocracy of the group, because they did. They were very prominent members of the Freemasons and of the upper crust of society. They simply chose to live a life of reclusion in the rugged terrain of Southwestern France. The small group of about 30 resided in a tiny village that isn't really considered much of anything but a camp on the side of a mountain.

The leader of the small group, known as Reuvin was a very, VERY powerful wizard, trained in the ways of the Freemasons and fully entrusted with all aspects of Freemason magic. He is said to be the most powerful Freemason to have ever existed, simply because he was a practitioner of magic by nature. On top of this, the magic that was given to him by the Freemason all-source power made him extremely powerful.

To obtain all of his Masonic powers, however, he needed to undergo some strenuous rituals. Reuvin took 9 consorts with him to his confine, all of whom held a special sanction of power of Freemason magic. Through the sexual rituals and orgies that are infamous among the higher ranks of the Freemasons, he was able to channel the power of all 9 of his consorts into the sacramental jug. He was then able to transfer all of this energy to himself, which manifested the powers of the 9 into his own.

In this way he was able to fulfill the sacred ritual set forth by the Master and his Elected Knights of Nine, which is said to be founded on the award of punishment, but is secretly used as a method in which power is transferred to the Master from his Nine Knights. This in turn makes the master stronger, which trickles down to his consorts, effectively strengthening the magic of everyone.

What I am offering here are the embodiments of the Elected Knights of Nine. Each one offers a unique, distinct energy that is the most powerful in its class. Below is the list of the Nine Knights Elected by Reuvin. They are each sold separately. PLEASE NOTE THEY ARE BEING CALLED KNIGHTS AND THEY WERE BUT TECHNICIALLY THEY WERE MADE HIS WIVES. ALL THE WIVES BRING EXTREME,EXTREME,EXTREME,EXTREME WEALTH,THEY HAD TO IN ORDER FOR THE WIZARD TO CONTINUE HIS WORK AND TRAVEL UNTIL HIS JUG WAS FINISHED.

KNIGHT OF ANCIENT WISDOMS: Will bring you the omnipresence of the Freemasons. You will be able to know about all magics that are existent and all powers that have come to rest. You can conjure these powers to use them on an as needed basis.

KNIGHT OF ASCENDENCE: Will bring you a higher intelligence that will allow you to communicate with the spirits of guidance, which are the spirits of the past Freemasons that serve as a guidance system for current members in the first few degrees.

KNIGHT OF LIGHT POWERS: Will bring you all things associated with white magic. It will conjure the past Freemasons who have specialized in this power to bring you the most powerful concoction of white magic possible. can only be used conjunction with white magic.

KNIGHT OF DARK POWERS: Will bring you all things associated with dark magic. It will conjure the past Freemasons who have specialized in this power to bring you the most powerful concotion of dark magic possible. Can only be used in conjuction with dark magic.This is the ancient French origination.

KNIGHT OF MANIFESTATION: Will manifest visions and psychic dreams to you. This will give you important messages from the other side that cannot normally be manifested unto human minds. In these dreams and visions you receive ancient secrets of the Freemasons and secrets yet to come. What you manifest of your desires in dream are made physical.

KNIGHT OF SORTS: Will bring you the power of sorts. This will allow you to enter other people's minds and know their thoughts. It will let you know their intentions and sort out the evil and the righteous. You can also replace the mind's capacity if you desire.

KNIGHT OF DUALITY: Will allow you control over both types of magic, both dark and light. The thing is, when you concentrate on two, the energy is spread across two spectrums, which makes focusing on one more powerful It is useful, though to have a dual power piece, because they know the ins and outs of both sides.You may physically manifest anything with this one.

KNIGHT OF GEOMETRIC REASONING: Will elevate your mind to fully comprehend the geometric reasoning and magic that have been discovered by the Freemasons. This magic is some of the most powerful magic to yet have been derived. This also brings the knowledge of world domination,Egyptian magic and Jacobs ladder to the ulstream heavens.

KNIGHT OF ALCHEMY: Will bring you the secrets of all alchemy and sacred metallurgy. It will bring you all the energies and properties involved in the craft. It will transpose your being into a modern day Alchemist. This is not a wealth piece but a blood magic which transposes the divinity of both yin and yang,good and bad,white and dark to you. The divine secrets predate Christ.

Please note that you will get the names of the wives as they are ordered by you. These are on sale now. Normally they would be 250 each and are now 150.00,no other discount applies to these.Please let me know which one you want as you only get one and all do the wealth and that wealth is extreme! Not all 9 are pictured because of space.