Subliminal Vengeance is Mine, Thus Sayeth the Poltergeist

Subliminal Vengeance is Mine, Thus Sayeth the Poltergeist

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Subliminal Vengeance is Mine, Thus Sayeth the Poltergeist

Don't get mad, get even-- seriously. It is my personal agenda to never hold a grudge. All holding a grudge does is give you internal dissatisfaction in knowing that the score isn't even yet and that the other person in question is already one up on you. Just don't do it. It isn't productive for your emotions, mental state of being, stress level, or any other mental health aspect of your well being. What should be done, then? I thought you'd never ask.

Each of the pieces that you see here inhabit a mischievous little spirit, each with their own antagonizing specialty. Yes, that's right... I'm talking about poltergeist. Now, you may be saying to yourself that poltergeist are malevolent little things, which is true for the most part. Think of it kind of like the broncos and mustangs of the Old American West. They were wild as hell, but they were able to be tamed, these creatures would display some of the most loving adoration and steadfastness for their masters.

To draw a parallel, you can think of poltergeist as the broncos and mustangs of the spiritual world. They will torment you to death, but if you are able to master the tricks of their secrets, they will remain loyal to you till the end of times, because you have given them the challenge that they sought. This is why they haunt people to begin with.

So, then this is what I have to offer you: a tamed poltergeist that will come to your side and defend you at all costs. That nagging little blonde chick that simply won't back off your boyfriend's junk? Coworker that treats you unfairly and takes all the credit for you work? How about a spouse that's been having an affair for the last two years? With the power that I am offering you, all you have to do is throw your thoughts at another person.

Once you have done that, your poltergeist will read the brain signals that you are transmitting. It is scientifically proven that poltergeist go after those with weakened mental states, first. In this scenario, yours will read your mental state of discomfort and take action. The poltergeist will invade the subconscious psychokinetic part of your adversaries brain. This will render them to feel what you are going through on a constant basis.

Then, the poltergeist will manifest itself in all types of haunting, torment, and dissatisfaction to the adversary. All of this happens while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of finally settling your score. Best part is, your poltergeist will not cease deviling the adversary until you summon it to do so. This is the ultimate form of payback. So, like I've said-- don't get mad, get even. It is a little motto I have learned to live by.

This piece will also bring to you all the powers associated with the poltergeist including the ability to communicate with spirits, perform magical spells, telekinesis, telepathy, and convergence of energies, which will give the power to access a multitude of energies that exist in our immediate environment at any given time. Additionally, your poltergeist will give you an undying form of physical and spiritual protection, that will guide you through your life. Your poltergeist will also be sure you send luck and good fortune your way, because it will only want the best for its master.