Elisha's Curse: A Little Bad With the Good

Elisha's Curse: A Little Bad With the Good

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Even the most holy of men have their moments.  Remember God created us all human and we all have our shortcomings from time to time.  Such was the case with the prophet Elisha.  He is the prophet that took over as the head prophet when Elijah made is ascent into Heaven.  Elisha was a Godly man and obeyed most of the laws that God gave him.  He performed many miracles for many people that were less fortunate that he was.  He brought clean water to the city of Jerusalem, so that way the chosen people would have fresh, clean water to drink.  He even raised a mourning mother's child from the grave.  He also performed countless other miracles throughout his lifetime, as he was the incarnate form of the Holy Spirit.  

However, if you read the whole books of Kings in the old testament you will find just one little slip up.  Perfection has yet to be achieved by humankind, so there is bound to be an imperfection somewhere.  It turns out that our friend Elisha has somewhat of a bad temper.  In 2 Kings 2, verses 23-24 you will find an account of the following.  Elisha was walking into the city of Bethelwhen a group of kids ran out and began to make fun of the fact that he was bald.  It is the only mention in the Bible of Elisha being bald, which is most likely a good thing.  The next thing Elisha did was curse the children who had made fun of his bald head... to death.  

A few moments later a bear came out of the woods and ripped the kids to shreds.  Rawr!  Either way, this exemplifies that there is such a thing as Karma and karma happens to be in the hands of those who are powerful enough to exhibit the powers of God.  Does this make what Elisha did right?  Maybe not.  I mean, in theory of karma, the kids were going to get what was coming to them anyhow, so there would some that say that he did nothing wrong but speed up the process and this is the theory behind this piece.   

This piece was a simple piece to make.  It was a matter of a summoning seance.  We were able to summon the soul of Elisha during the seance when we opened up a spirit portal, with which we can actually go in and pull out the past life soul that we want.  This time we summoned Elisha for his power-- and although this piece will bring you a white light psychic ability with which you will be able to predict the future, this is not the best power that this piece holds.  Don't get me wrong it's really neat to be able tell the future before it gets here, it's a power that a lot of people covet.  They are able to see in the future to see what paths their current situation is leading them down to change it and ultimately have control over their destiny.  However, the best power in this piece is its ability to exact revenge. I'm talking about instant karma here.  With this piece those who do you wrong will get what's coming to them.  You will have to be wearing the piece when you want to use the power.  You can visually aim the energy toward the person on whom you wish to produce instant karma.  The powers in this piece will immediately begin to take revenge on the other person.  The powers in this piece will pretty much determine in what form this revenge will come, but I can pretty much guarantee this piece won't maul 42 children to death.  However, it does invoke the curse of God and will bring wrath down upon those who have done you wrong.  This is what God does for his people, because he go their back like that.  So does this piece... if you are fed up with people taking advantage and walking all over you, this piece is PERFECT!!