"Obeah and submit"

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"Obeah and submit"

Here's another one from the archives that we're blowing the dust off of...
Several years ago, our intrepid team of investigators were in "The Big
Easy" doing an investigation on pharmacy that's extremely haunted-
although the locals remain very tight-lipped of it's nefarious past...
and those employed there are even less talkative. As with most
discoveries perseverance pays off (and greasing a few palms doesn't
seem to hurt either), they were eventually allowed to perform a very
clandestine inspection of the premises, just making sure to keep the
test equipment well concealed and hidden from view- to the
uninitiated, it appeared to be nothing more than an awkward interview.
A lot of amazing discoveries were made on that investigation- it
seemed that the mere mention of certain reported events, places, and
people sent the spirits into a psychic frenzy that caused the
equipment to almost malfunction from the magnitude of the readings.
Although their access was extremely limited to the parlour and only a
few other select locations- it was a very successful investigation.

After the events that took place in the pharmacy, the group had some
downtime to relax and/or explore the other wonders that N'Awlins (New
Orleans, to those that don't know) has to offer- whether it's the
history, architecture, the occult lore, shopping, or the world famous
restaurants. The city has so much to discover... even if it belies
much more sinister intent. The group split up and went their own way,
for the most part- some people have similar interests so they may pair
up to save on cab fare or whatever. There a those, hoever, that march
to the beat of their own drum and go their own separate way- which can
lead to trouble in a city infamous for it's supernatural nature. One
of the team split off from the group to explore the seedier underbelly
of the nightlife scene- more specifically the bars of the French
Quarter. It started off as a fairly normal pub-crawl, have a drink,
check out the scenery, and move onto the next one to repeat the
process. During one visit to a particular bar (famous for "the
Hurricane") our team member was noticed an African-American gentleman
across the crowded bar, whose mode of dress fit the city perfectly-
just not for this era. He was clad in all black, wearing a full
length black coat, dressy pants, a vest, a dress shirt with silver
buttons, a top hat, and very shiny shoes. It was clear that this
gentleman was very meticulous about his appearance- everything about
him was just so, with absolutely nothing out of place. He started
walking towards our investigator and it seemed that the crowd of
partiers either parted before him or he seemed to pass through the
ones that were to slow to move out of his way. They attributed this
to the alcohol that they has consumed, but they hadn't had that much
too drink- so that couldn't be the reason. He had his head down as he
approached our lone investigator and just before he spoke he raised
his head, so that his face was finally visible. Even in the dimly lit
recess in the lounge of this bar, the first thing our team member
noticed were his eyes- they had an almost luminescent quality that
made them appear to glow in the low lighting of the bar. They looked
yellow with a red ring surrounding the iris with a black halo around
the outside of it. They were mesmerizing, if not hypnotic- they
didn't just draw you in, they ensnared you. Realizing that they were
staring at this stranger, they shook their head in order to regain
their composure. Then the stranger spoke, he had a thick accent as if
he just arrived from the islands (the ones in the Atlantic, not the
Pacific) and had recently learned to speak the English language. They
had a hard time understanding him at first, but as they listened they
noticed two distinct things; it sounded as if the the were coming from
inside their head AND that as he spoke they couldn't hear the
background noise any longer- there were no racuous sounds of revelry
going on behind them... it was if the world had been muted.

They were finally able to re-focus on the stranger and finally
understand what it was he was saying. "You da one dat did da
'nvestigations on da pharmacy earlier t'day?" Unable to break his
gaze, they nodded their head up and down- in the back of their mind
thinking that they had never seen this person before now and how did
he know they were part of that investigation... "Ya know ya done
stirred up dem spirits somefin' awful and dey have called upon me to
stop you from enragin' dem futher," he paused for a second and reached
into his vest pocket and concealed something in h is palm, "Dey aksed
me to deal wit' you as I get da sense you da only one within ya group
wit' any kind o' abilities." Our member couldn't believe that this
stranger knew they were the only psychic in the group without ever
having spoken to them or had any type of interaction with this
stranger. "By dealin' wit' you da spirits will be appeased and da
rest of ya group will leave da city before somet'ing a happens to
dem.' Our investigator wondered, "what does he mean? What's he going
to do to me?" As if he read their mind, he said, "Don' you worry, it
will all be ovah for you soon and da spirits will return to der
peace." He held his hand out and motioned for our investigator to
head for the exit into the alley behind the bar. As if they had no
control over their body or actions, the complied with his request and
stood up, walked to the exit, and pushed down on the bar that had been
latching the door closed. He followed closely behind and made that
the door had closed behind them. He turned towards our investigator
and said, "It's a shame you had to disturb dem spirits, you possess
wit'in ya great power- but dem spirits none too 'appy right now." He
revealed a small pouch in his hand that he had previously removed from
his vest, "Wit' dis powdah your heart will stop and it will seem dat
you died o' natural causes- dere will no' be any pain." Our
investigator realized that this was really happening and this stranger
was serious- they really meant to kill them. "NO!" They aren't sure
whether they thought it or vocalized it, but it was clear to them that
THIS was NOT going to happen. They regained control of their body and
prepared to flee the alley and this assassin. The stranger taken back
at this sudden burst of defiance spoke sternly, "Ya don' unnahstand,
this is goin' ta 'appen, it will be ovah." "No, it most certainly
will not and we both know that your powder isn't going to work on me-
I am stronger than you are and you just happen to catch me off guard
while I was drinking," they said, "but you've given me the clarity
needed to sober up by threatening my life!" The stranger attempting
to regain his control of the situation whispered, "Look into ma eyes,
very deeply into dem and obey my will." "NO! I told you that you have
no control over me any longer and I'm leaving!" The stranger said
angrily, "I am a very strong Obeah and you cannot escape yo fate dat
da spirits called fo'." "You are NOT stronger than me or I wouldn't
have been able to get free of your gaze or see into your mind that you
intended to stop my heart with your hypnosis when you realized that
your powder was going to be ineffectual!" our investigator spat back
at him, "your hold on me is broken and you know that you cannot regain
it- you have been beaten." The stranger shrunk back and realized that
they were right- he was undone. Our team member turned to leave the
alley when they thought of another parting barb, "And another
thing..." they stopped when they realized that they were alone in the
alley- the stranger hadn't gone back into the bar (it wasn't possible,
the door locked behind them) and there was only one way out of this
cul-de-sac/alley and he hadn't passed her... he simply vanished. He
was gone and she was alone in the back alley behind this bar. They
felt a chill, and noticed that the pouch he was holding was now laying
on the ground where the stranger had been standing. They reached down
and picked it up feeling that they'd earned it as some sort of
macabre, near-Death trophy. She opened up the pouch and found that
contained some stones, herbs, spices, a few small bones (that were
later discovered to be human finger bones), and a ring of pure silver.
After this fateful encounter they
got the Hell of there and headed back to the hotel and recounted the
story as best they could to the rest of the members of the group.
They listened intently and recorded the events as our investigator
described them. After returning from Louisiana the item and the
recording were placed in storage in order to pack up and load out for
the next exciting scheduled adventure...

Note: They have since tried to revisit that pharmacy, but if/when
phone calls are returned/answered- the person on the other end of the
line sounds extremely agitated and ends the call abruptly. During one
of these exchanges one of our psychics said that they felt another
"presence" that appeared to be controlling the person on the phone
commanding them to end their communication.

Now this item has been taken out of storage and been tested for the
last few years, it has remarkable qualities even though our psychic
may have diminished their full potential slightly by escaping from the
Obeah in the alley and breaking his hold over them- it still retains
most of it's power. The pouch (and its contents) have the ability to
bend the will of an intended target- it doesn't give one total control
over the subject's mind and/or body, BUT it does make the other person
a LOT more receptive and susceptible to the power of suggestion. We
have discovered that if any article of jewelry is placed in the pouch
with the Obeah's ring it obtains the abilities of the original.
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