Awakening of the Rebel Angels
Awakening of the Rebel Angels
Awakening of the Rebel Angels
Awakening of the Rebel Angels

Awakening of the Rebel Angels

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This piece is sterling silver and a mans ring. I do have one for women. I’m using that one right now so at this time it’s the only one I’m putting up. Both sexes can use either ring.


Over 200,000 years ago these rebel angels fell to earth. Not all of them but some. The ones who fell to earth took human bodies and through generations that special bloodline has been passed. The ones today are unaware of their abilities or even who they are. Many of them seek the paranormal and supernatural but usually never a church.  They are not demonic or demons in the flesh, they are just power houses waiting for something of which they can’t put their finger on. 

The reason these fell to earth is because they never had any evil intentions but were swayed. You may wonder what we’re they swayed by? It’s no different then the persimmon being offered to Eve. It was enticing and a stupid moment that couldn’t be taken back. 

There are tons of these rebels on Earth waiting for the full potential to be used. Is this you? 

Do you feel attracted to Lemuria or Atlantis?  Have you felt a pull to Nephilim?

What does this ring really do? 

Rebel angels are not evil but the real term for them is Watcher.  This is a real transformation piece. It will not only awaken you to who you really are but implant the full power into you.

I think we have all heard of the Watchers and fallen angels but we have looked at them as evil. If there is a fall from grace, yes those are demons. The facts don’t change.  These are different!! This year going to that auction was a real eye opener. It seems that so many things are coming out like never before. Things I feel will be of use in the times to come. I could be wrong and it could be a coincidence, but I have a hard time believing that.

Never before have we been able to tap into something like this or even be made aware of it. It’s exciting because from what I understand there are so many of the non evil fallen. Can you imagine just what abilities they have? I do know there are 36 planets they will be able to pull power from. Each planet is a power station giving off its own magical abilities reserved just for these people.

What does it do for you? 

You are awakened, filled with abilities, knowledge and able to use it!