Linda Martel of Guernsey Island
Linda Martel of Guernsey Island

Linda Martel of Guernsey Island

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Linda Martel has a direct connection and communication with Jesus Christ from the early age of 5. She also died at that age but knew she would.

Linda was born with all kinds of problems and was often kept in the hospital. I believe she died near the end of October 1961 but do look her up. I’m not pulling information from a file but just going by my own experience with her. Not with her as she died long before I was born but using a piece I got from her area. 

Linda began healing people unknowingly while she was alive. She could end headaches, she cured a paralyzed woman even though she herself couldn’t walk. She healed everyone she touched but it was after death that she healed hundreds upon hundreds of people. She healed everything!!! 

Remember she was only five years old but Jesus had to have worked through her. 

After her death people would go to her grave site and they would be healed of whatever issue she had. If a person was to sick to make the trip an item would be brought and laid at the grave overnight. This is one of those pieces and it has been tested. This is in sterling silver and has been tested on more than a few people to see a wide range of results. 

The only thing we were told was the item should be something near your hands. So bracelets or rings of course would be fine. This bracelet filled with supernatural miracles is amazing! I love it because of where the divine white light of healing comes from.