The Magnetic Center is Mount Shasta 3

The Magnetic Center is Mount Shasta 3

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These tokens work using the supernatural magic of Mount Shasta along with the occult magic of the higher consciousness. Then throw in some help from the Ascended masters and you have yourself one amazing way of gaining material wealth in the form of everything abundant! Now most would say the ascended masters only work on the occult magic hidden with in the self and money doesn’t mean a thing. I can assure while the soul is important, times are a changing and the time is now! 

In this world you can’t do anything or accomplish much with out money. What usually happens though is those with a lot of wealth lose their way and many times their morals. This won’t happen with these. Your mind stays at whatever it is now except to learn a lot of magical ability, higher meditation and the realization that you can create what you want. Now pay attention because while you WILL gain some serious other magical abilities the goal of this piece is wealth! 

Where does Mount Shasta come into this? The power, magic, supernatural and meditation ability of Mount Shasta is also infused with these pieces. That’s not all though! Many of you may already know there is an alien presence in Mount Shasta. You may wonder what is has to do with wealth? Both positive and negative aliens have the ability to control in one form or another the minds of others. In this case that power is active in everyone of these. These will only work with that particular magic when trying to influence others about or for gaining wealth. 

Every other ability just happens with no help from you to bring you great abundance in every form of cash and wealth that it can. 

You also gain luck wherever you are and no matter where you go. 

Last, the Ascended masters create a wall of protection with in 12 hours of you possessing these pieces. Collect them all to place them together or have them charge off of each other. You will get the one you see in the pic.