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I remember seeing the building in the distance, but nobody really seemed to know what it was.  It was at the apex of a clearing in the woods that we had traversed through.  Why had we pulled over to the side of the road and decided to tromp through the woods with nothing but a couple of LED flashlights?  Deedee got a feeling, like she often does.  She gets these psychic visions or feels the presence of powers from time to time.  It usually results in an impromptu investigation, the end of which is tremendously fulfilling.  This time is wasn't any different.  


So, we left the car at the side of the road.  We had been in Jersey and we were traveling back to our home in Pennsylvania, when Deedee told me to pull the car over and she, Jason, and I got out.  We followed her through the woods to the clearing.  Now we were all standing at the beginning of the clearing in the woods, straining our eyes in the moonlight, barely able to make out the outline of a rundown building on the other side of it.  


We kept on, crossing the clearing and eventually ended up at the front steps of the building, where there was a rickety old door and few busted windows.  There was a dingy, old no trespassing sign on the door, but it appeared as if nobody had even attempted to entry this building for quite some time, so we figured it wouldn't hurt anything to go in.  


Once we were in, we searched the place.  It was a bare old building, with a few pieces of old furniture and a few oil lamps that didn't work.  From across the room I heard Deedee get excited and follow her psychic whim.  It lead her to the back of the building where ivy had begun to grow over a section of the wall.  Curiously, Deedee began tugging at the vines.  Once we were able to get all of the vines off the wall, I cleared some dust, and began knocking on the wall.  Sure enough there was a hollow spot and before I really knew what happened, Deedee began making a few rhythmic knocks on the wall.  


The Wall spun around, revealing a small bookcase, on top of which was a black, felt satchel. Inside the satchel were items.  They were the items that had caught Deedee's sixth sense, and considering nobody had chased us off thus far, we determined the building didn't really belong to anyone; so we took the items.  


When we got home we were able to run some extensive tests on the piece to determine that they were collected and stored by the Monks of the Wissahickon.  They must have been forgotten about, or something.  These kind of powers aren't just left laying in the woods at the back of an abandoned building. 


The Monks of Wissahickon are a group of very magical monks, foundd in the 1700s.  Their numbers have risen and fallen, but the current number and true members are currently unknown.  The monks sought final refuge in the areas of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania.  They are also referred to sometimes as the Monks of the Ridge.  


These monks lived a life of perpetual solitude, for the simple fact that they wanted to hid the secret that they knew.  This secret is the very secret that is coded in the Bible.  There are spells  and magic in the Bible that have the capability to accomplish anything that man wants to accomplish.  It is said, "Ask and it shall be given unto you."  God wasn't kidding.  These piece are proof!!  A good example of one of these magics is the spell contained in Psalm 61, that invokes the Lord, God for the blessings of good fortune, wealth, and a nice place to live.   


This particular collection of pieces, that stashed by the Monks of the Wissahickon have been collected from various religious Mystery School from all over the world.  Mystery Schools are secret meetings that sorcerers, magicians, and other power spiritualist go to learn about the secret divinity and magic found in religious texts.  Some of these school include the Eleusinian, Samothracian, Orphic,  and Dinysian Mystery Schools in Greece; the Mithraic Mystery Schools of the roman Empire; the Egyptian Mystery Schools of Isis and Osiris; and yes, even the mystery schools of Atlantis; which, by the way, all Atlantean priests were required to attend.  These items hold all this knowledge… AND MORE!!  


Theses pieces are a conjunction of all the Bible's powers.  They include all of the spells and incantations from the Bible.  They can grant wealth, peace, love, psychic abilities, kinetic abilities, the ability to travel to other realms, the ability to take full angel form, the ability of white light magic, the ability of creation, the ability to open the third eye, the ability receive holy prophecy, the ability to communicate with aliens (that God KNOWS about!!)-- and the list goes on and on and on.  These pieces hold over 400 spells and incantations that have all been found from the Bible!!  You get the power of all 400 spells.  


In a nutshell, there is NOTHING these items can't do for you.  You can ask for anything and it will be given to you, simply because the power in these items can afford the ability for it to come true!!  As I said above, we tested these pieces and it took group collaboration to test them the right way.  We have simplified them for individual use, but the potency of the power has remained the same.  We have a few of these pieces, but with a power such as this, I'm not sure that they are going to last very long.  If you want yours, the best bet is the sooner the better!!  Don't let this one slip away from you!!