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Who are the Geryon?  

When considering this type of transformation, this is the first question that you will most likely have.  The Geryon are an ancient race of vampire.  They are so ancient, in fact, that they trace their roots almost back to the beginning of man.  Specifically, they can trace their beginnings back to one generation after the creation of man, when a man named Cain slew his brother Abel.  

Modern accounts would have you believe that Cain slew Abel because he was jealous of the fact that Abel had a better offering than he did.  The truth lies in the fact that Cain slew Abel for a different reason entirely.  The reason Cain killed Abel is because he needed to drink Abel’s blood.

You must take into account that humans were not the only type of entity that existed on Earth.  There were other types of entities that religious historical records don’t bother with, because it has nothing to do with the message they are trying to convey, or it doesn’t fit into their story at all.  For example, Lilith was out there somewhere along with other types of beings that didn’t fall into the human or angel category.  

What happened here is that Cain was acted upon by an outside force who had instructed him in the ancient ways of blood alchemy.  This was a shadowy creature and to be honest with you, it isn’t quite known what kind of entity it is was.  He informed Cain that blood is the secret of life with which God created the humans.  By drinking the blood of others, Cain could create his own powers and pretty much control his own destiny.  Later on in the Bible when Lamech, Cain’s great, great grandson admits to killing a man, this is in reference to the fact that he slew Cain.  Why?  He caught on to his grandfather’s power and wanted his blood.  

You can see the power of the Geryons lie in the very beginnings.  They have since quit requiring blood and have moved onto more practical ways of acquiring magic, like the DNA transformation that you are going to be getting when you undergo the Geryon Transformation.  Many people throughout history, including Napoleon Bonaparte came from the Geryon bloodline.  It’s why he was able to see the vision in the King’s Chamber.  Adolf Hitler had Geryon blood, which describes his innate hatred for Jews.  Even Benjamin Franklin had come from Geryon bloodline, which is how he brought so many secrets of magic to the secret meetings of congress when America was born.  

What do you get with a Geryon Transformation?  

With this transformation, your DNA will entirely rearranged and reformed.  This process takes the place of you ever needing to drink the blood of others.  It’s just not needed.  The rearranging of the DNA will open you up to receive the all-knowing power the exists at the center of the universe.  Some call this God, but it is the universal knowledge upon which we were all created.  This power is cyclic and is constantly expanding the accommodate all existence in the universe.  

When you become a Geryon, this universal knowledge is automatically bestowed upon you.  It is the knowledge that Cain craved.  It is why he drank his brothers blood. Blood, which runs through our veins and gives us life, is simply a by-product of this knowledge.  We all have it, we just need transformed in order to embrace it.  While you will gain the typical things that you think of when you hear the world vampire-- such as super strength, speed, and agility, you will also have a deep understanding of just about every power that has ever been created.  This is the power of the Universal Knowledge.  It will make you an all-powerful, all-knowing, vampiric entity, as if you were a God on Earth.  It is more powerful than gaining all the knowledge of the Tree of Life.

You will also gain the ability to see other beings and entities for what/whom they are.  You will immediately be able to identify all other Geryons, because they are now your kin.  You will also be able to identify hundreds of other types of vampires.  There are other types of entities, both spiritual and physical, that you will we now be able to identify, as well.  It opens up your mind to be able accommodate all these other types of beings, where before you may only recognized humans and one or two other types of entities.

Sorcery, Alchemy, power creation, energy creation, energy manipulation, and all sorts of other powers will also be yours, once your transformation is complete.  Spiritual healing, physical healing, and body morphing will also find its way into your arsenal of powers, among many, many others. All other forms of knowledge such as Masonic, Rosicrucian, Illuminati, Kabbalistic, Ancient Celtic will also be yours for the taking.  Again, all powers of existence are attainable with this transformation, because of the Universal Knowledge you are receiving.  

What about my other transformations / future transformations

The Geryon transformation goes extremely well with other types of transformations, because the Universal Knowledge will amplify and perfect all other types of powers and knowledge.  One time we gave somebody an immortal transformation, meaning that he gained immortality.  He later on wanted the Geryon Transformation.  Due to his former type of transformation, when we gave him his Geryon Transformation he was able to bestow this immortality upon other people, as we had bestowed it upon him.  

The answer is simple.  The Geryon Transformation takes whatever else you have going on-- whether they are powers that you were born with or powers that you received through a transformation, and either amplifies and strengthens these powers or uses these powers to produce even more powerful offspring powers.  It simply depends on each situation.  In short, the Geryon transformation makes all other transformations a TON more powerful and really brings out their inner potential.