Generative Pet Clearing

Generative Pet Clearing

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This is similar to the Darkness Clearing service, only it is for your pets~!

Every day, our pets dodge a lot of the negativity that is thrown in our direction from the outside world. Pets are great protectors and often shield us from this negativity at their own expense. We owe it to them to show our appreciation by clearing them frequently of this buildup of negative residue.

This service works on all types of animals and is completed on all of your pets, no matter how many you have.

The following information is needed to complete the service:

1. The names and animal types of all of the pets.

2. The exact city where the pets live.

3. Details about any issues or problems that need to be addressed.

Upon completion, you will receive a piece that can be placed on your pets collar, or simply placed in your home to contribute the blessings brought for by this service!

Place this in your cart and then checkout through Paypal; payment is to be sent to: and in the special instructions area you will want to provide the above listed information that is needed for the service.