Rare Finds from Valentin Bondarenko, THE KEY
Rare Finds from Valentin Bondarenko, THE KEY
Rare Finds from Valentin Bondarenko, THE KEY

Rare Finds from Valentin Bondarenko, THE KEY

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These two pieces come from the most haunted forest in the world.  With that having been said, you would think that I am about to tell you about some seriously demonic stuff. The juicy kind that gives you all types of prolific powers.  I'm not saying that this piece isn't packed with powers, either.  However, when I say that this forest is haunted, I mean a different kind of haunt.  There are no ghosts involved. 

I'm talking about the Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania.  Nobody really seems to know what haunts this forest.  Well, most don't, anyhow.  It is a place of mystery that probably surpasses the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, it's just the the notoriety of this place isn't as widely talked about, because of the secrets that are hidden in the forest.  It is place where hundreds of people have gone missing.  Reports of UFOS have been made, accompanied by reports of orange and red balls of light.  There is a mist that envelops those who travel alone.  You can hear voices, laughter, and people being scratched.  It's a fun house of terror for those who have taken over the area.

In the center of the forest is where most of the bizarre energy comes from.  Nobody knows why, but plant life won't even go there.  It is said that you cannot spend a night in this patch of dead land, without going completely and utterly, clinically insane.  For years people have searched for answers and for years people have come up short handed.  Today, I'm here to tell you that we have finally cracked the case of what has been going on in the Hoia Baciu Forest.  The answers have been concluded due to an investigation that we secretly went on about two years ago.  The investigation lasted several days, probably closer to a week. 

We weren't called in by anybody to do the investigation, it was just some place we always wanted to go to investigate.  We wanted to make absolutely sure that the forest was all that it was chalked up to be.  I mean, there is a certain stigma that goes with some places and this leads to false legends and fake accounts of something that never actually happened the human mind is a very capable and powerful thing.  It can make you believe things that are not true.  This is why we offer items that are the real deal.  We seek answers out for ourselves and then provide you with only the most powerful of what we have found. 

Our adventure into the forest started out like an ominous horror movie.  It's not to say that we were afraid of anything that we could have encountered in the desolate area.  Rather, it was the thought of the unknown.  It's like when your friend dares you go into the basement with the lights off when you're seven years old.  You're pretty sure that nothing bad is going to happen, but there's always that, "What if?," feeling.  We carry protection pieces with us, so we always know that we'll be okay, it's just the excitement of something unexpected. 

Halfway into our investigation is when things began to get weird.  Deedee, who usually has a pretty good sense of psychic ability, began to lose her sense of direction, as did the few others who were with us.  We were traveling and it was like we hit some sort of force field and on the other side of it, everything we had ever known began to not make sense.  We had no idea where we were, or where we were going.  Trees suddenly began to dance around, almost mocking the fact that we were her to do this investigation in the first place.  We heard the fabled laughter in the trees and just beyond the horizon, it always appeared as if something was constantly moving, like there was a presence in the forest... because there was. 

As we had our way through the forest, we became enveloped in a thick fog.  The fog was so thick that we literally couldn't see three feet in front of us.   The fog came and went in patches and it seemed to sneak up on us when we lease expected it.  We figured that the safest around was for all of us to hang onto a rope, where the first person would hang on and the last person would hang onto the other end.  Everyone else found a spot in the middle.  We trudged along, hoping that all hope was not lost, that we'd eventually find the fabled place where the trees didn't grow.  Our perseverance was stellar, because after a few miles of walking, the fog finally left and there in front of us, about a 100 yards away was the clearing that we had been searching for.  We had a local with us for the sake of not getting lost, but I'm pretty sure went out the window the minute we crossed the threshold of the unknown.  He assured us that this was the clearing, though, so we made our way in that direction.

Now would be a good time to let you know about the secret operation that went on in Russian.  I'm sure you're asking yourself why I would take a break in the story to go on about Russian secret operations, but I assure you it will all make sense in the end.  In the 1960s, the Russians began to develop a secret space program.  Well, not all of it was secret, but most of it tended to be kept off of the national forefront.  This is simply because they had a deep national interest in keeping their operations secret.  They did not want their findings and their the abilities they had to fall into the hands of somebody who could use them against their country-- say, the United States.  What they didn't know was the the United States was actually monitoring and mirroring their work the entire time.  They had their own thing going on and spying was plentiful. 

It was in the 1960s when Valentin Vasiliyevich Bondarenko was scouted and selected for training as a Cosmonaut.  These Cosmonauts were the best of the best.  Valentin just happened to have been a fighter pilot in the previous war that had just torn through Europe some 15 years earlier.  He was, for the most part, and upstanding citizen of the Russian motherland.  Sure, he probably despised the rest of the world and what they stood for, but he was a decent man and worked hard to make his living.  He had a young family and a promising future.   Being recruited to be a cosmonaut was quite the honor and he was very excited to be inducted into the ranks.  However, for Valentin, it wasn't all that it was chalked up to be.  About a year after he was inducted into the ranks of the cosmonauts, he died during an experimental training; or so the Russian government would like to have said.  They say he died as a result of burns he sustained in a fire during a 15 day long pressure endurance training.  The government, however, covered it up almost immediately.  Valentin was cropped out of pictures, didn't allow any type of obituary to be found anywhere, and pretty much wiped his existence clean as it if never happened at all.  Supposedly, information of his death was leaked in the 1980s.  These are the things that supposedly happened according to the Russian government.  However, we are living proof that not only did Valentin not die, he is still very much alive. 

As we neared the clearing in the woods, the fog began to become very dense.  It was worse than before, but we had already abandoned our rope technique, thinking that we were in the clear.  We kept on, though, even coming into the clearing.  The god didn't cease for a good five minutes.  When it did clear, there standing right in from of us was a being.  It was in some type of futuristic looking space suit.  At first the being, whatever it was, didn't even make a move.  It just stood there, I imagine staring at us.  I cannot be quite sure, though, because the front of the oddly shaped helmet he was wearing was tinted to an effect where you couldn't see his face.

Wanting to know what was going on and where this guy had come from, we got closer and closer.  We could feel the energies radiating from him, but we weren't quite sure as to what they were or even where they came from.  As we drew nearer, the stranger didn't hesitate.  He took his helmet off and beneath it was a full head of dark black hair, sunken in eyes that appeared as if the man behind the mask had seen many years.  His eyes had sort of a sparkle in them, but other than that they looked pretty much dead.  Then, the stranger began to speak and tell us that he meant us no harm, that he was just doing the best job that he could in communicating with Earthly beings.  He told us the he, himself, was once and Earthly being.  He told us that he once willingly gave up his life to become a Russian space operative and the he was none other than Valentin Bondarenko.  At this, Deedee was a little bit hesitant, because in an unrelated investigation she had done a ton of research on this guy, but the investigation ended up turning sour.  She just wrote it off as an unproven conspiracy that this guy was still in existence; but now there he was standing in front of us and by the looks he conveyed there was no mistaking that he was actually the real deal. 

As we spoke, he told us about how, at first, he wanted to do the whole Cosmonaut thing with the Russians.  He was excited to part of the job, but after a while he was forced into it.  He told us about how he tried to go AWOL from the operation, but the Russian Secret Police found him right before he was about to take flight to South Africa.  They kidnapped him in whatever senses of the word are appropriate adults, and held his family hostage.  If he didn't continue his work, the government threatened to kill his family, including a newborn son he had just had a few months prior.  Not wanting to harm his family, he reluctantly allowed himself to be forced into servitude to the Russians.  His family was well taken care of, though.   This, said Valentin, he could not deny.  The Russians have extreme loyalty to their own kind, and it shows.  It wasn't long before Valentin showed such great skill that they government informed him that he would be erased form history to go on a special kind of mission.  His family would be taken care of as long as he didn't try to get out of it.  He was to give up his identity and become someone entirely new.  This is when the government staged his death.  He told us that it broke his heart that he would never be able to be a part of his family, but he had to do what he had to do.  If he refused, not only would his family not be taken care of, but they would probably be killed. 

Valentin spent many years working as Russian Cosmonaut, the whole time against his will.  They put him into the secret space programs that took him to far away place where he sometimes encountered advanced race, and other time encountered races that really have some catching up to in the grand scheme of reality.  Valentin has been to the underground cities on the moon, has seen the inverted pyramid on Mars, as well as many other places throughout the entire universe as we know it.  He has even been to places that we didn't know exist-- well, by we I mean the general population.  He held up his hands and we held up our hands to his.  He generated a force field around us that allowed us to see all the places he has been and I can tell you right now that what we saw was indescribable.  The place that we have seen were exotic and beautiful, and there is so much knowledge to be obtained outside of our own existence.  It is a sad fact that most humans will never experience this, but there is a reason why I say most. 

The spot in the woods, by the way, is a place where many UFOs have landed on Earth.  It has created a portal between our world and many others.  This is how Valentin was able to travel to the woods, when he sensed we were coming.  He told us that he had specifically picked us to communicate and for good reason.  Through his space travel and portal jumping, it was necessary that Valentin obtain an immortality.  When you live outside of space and time guidelines, you will naturally become an immortal, which is what happened to him.  He told us that he is sick of being an immortal, that he no longer wants to live forever.  Forever, he was grieving the loss of his family.  His wife has passed away due to hold age, his son died in a revolt that the Russian police killed him in.  The Russians don't play when it comes to that kind of stuff.  He doesn't know his fatherless grandchildren and the only other child he ever had, his daughter, probably wouldn't even remember what he looked like if he did return.  It was time for his immortality to come to an end, or so he told us.  The worst the secret Russian operatives could do to him now was kill him.  For Valentin this didn't seem like much of a punishment at all.  He had grown weary in all his time that he worked for the Russians.  It was stressful work.  This is why he gave us the two items that he gave us, so he could enjoy death and the next stages of his existence, as any human should be entitled to. 

Like he said to us, he sought us out on purpose, even using mind control technology to give Deedee and interest in the woods, in which he planned to meet with us the whole way through.  He guided us safely to him, so that way we could take over the magic in the two pieces that he has given to us.  He knows that we are responsible and will give these items a good home, as with powers like this we pretty much to a screening before well allow buyers to buy them.  That's how serious and powerful the magic in these items are. 

The first piece is the key to a UFO, that Valentin obtained after he traveled to a parallel universe through a black hole.  This piece is sterling silver and operates on all UFOs, Spacecraft, etc.  It looks so modern, because the civilization that it comes from is so far advanced.  It opens up dimensional portals and space holes and allows for full astral travel.  By this I mean that this key will allow you to do what Valentin has done as a Russian Cosmonaut.  These keys are placed into most alien craft, or at least something similar to this key is.  It contains the ability of time and space travel. It will let you travel anywhere along the space and time continuum that you wish to travel.  It allows for Quantum jumping, in which you can more or less teleport yourself between Quantum Universes to other parallel dimensions and realms.  It will give you immortality just as it has given him, but this aspect of the piece will only come into play after you have used the piece for a little while.  It is an ability that naturally comes to those who become Quantum Jumpers.  There is no reversing it, unless you get rid of the piece that was giving you the powers in the first place.  This is why Valentin has given this piece to us.  He got it from the spaceship, thought it was neat for a while, and is now ready to relinquish himself of its responsibility of becoming an immortal.  This is why he gave it to us. 

The second piece is a ring.  This is one of the rings that aliens wear after coming through our world via the Hoia Baciu portal or any of the portals that exist on our planet.  There are actually several, including one in the deserts of New Mexico, but that's for another time.  The rings that were worn by the aliens have allowed them to become invisible to the human eye.  This is how they would travel to Earth and walk among men without becoming noticeable and causing pandemonium.  It also allow the aliens to move in and out of human bodies to do their bidding while here on Earth.  It's almost like a possession, but not quite as the aliens are mostly peaceful creatures and return the bodies in the same manner in which the find them.  It is quite possible that you have been possessed by one of the aliens before and didn't even know.  When you get the ring, you will be able to use these powers the same way the aliens did, to walk among the world invisible and to possess the bodies of others.  However, these powers will  also work in reverse for you.  You will able to detect and locate those aliens that are here on Earth.  You can can use the powers in this piece for reverse possession, meaning you will be able to astrally project your being in an alien that you encounter using this piece.  Thereby, you will gain all the powers and knowledge of beings that exist far away from us.  They will endow you with great understanding of existence and the universe, as well as give you any all powers an magic that they possess at the time that you possess their bodies.  I guess you could do what you will with these bodies when you are done, but remember, they do what they can to make sure that they preserve all human life while they are here on Earth.  You'd do well to return that same favor.  There is no telling what types of knew powers and abilities-- along with your guaranteed ability recognize aliens and Quantum Jumping-- that you will gain with these piece, because just as every human is different, so is every extraterrestrial.  They will all offer you different types of magic and different forms of knowledge.  This is all aside from the magic you will gain from becoming a Quantum Jumper. 

These pieces are both very powerful, which is why we will be making sure that they go to a good customer, personally.  If you are serious about using these pieces-- one or both-- we will know in an instant.  Our trip back through the woods was much different, although we did still hear the laughter and even some sort of strange music.  We managed to get out and we managed to get out with some seriously powerful items.  That's the important part.  As for Valentin?  So far the Russia Secret Police hasn't been able to find him and we've been in contact with him several times after our first contacting in the Romanian forest.  He is currently awaiting his age to kick back in and he is looking forward to the metamorphosis of death.  I know that sounds morbid, but you have to understand, nobody really wants to live forever.

If you are interested in one or both of the pieces let me know, because once they are gone they are gone.  There are no second chances and no way to ever get pieces like this gain.  They are all original and you better believe that they are one-of-a-kind.  Don't let this one slip by you!