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I can't really begin to explain where exactly this investigation took place.  I know that it was somewhere on the side of a mountain.  I know that it was somewhere in New Jersey.  I had fallen asleep on the car ride there, which I do sometimes. Okay, I fall asleep more times than I'd like to admit.  The investigation team has a terminology for this.  They call it "hospicing" because they say that when I sleep I am so unresponsive that nothing can wake me up.  That is, of course, save for my apparently over-the-top loud snoring, which they claim wakes me up on occasion.  
When we got to the mountain, Deedee was screaming my name and telling me to wake up.  This is how she usually does it.  Either that or she yells, "Steve, we're here."  I usually wake up for that.  I wasn't quite sure what she meant by "we're here."  I mean, I knew we were going on an investigation, but I had no idea where.  It's often better that I just go with the flow and don't ask questions.  This investigation was evidently a surprise, because she wouldn't tell me where we were going and, so far, I have not been able to figure it out.  
The air the moist and chilly when I stepped out of the car and turned my flashlight on.  We made our way through the woods for a little bit.  There was a small clearing, in which there was this gigantic door in the side of the mountain.  At first I was extremely unimpressed.  Why did I need to come to the middle of nowhere in New Jersey to see a door.  However, it wasn't long before I realized why she had brought me here in the first place.  It wasn't just any  door.  
The door that I was looking at was actually built my the Nazis during World War II, when Adolf Hitler made a secret trip to the United States.  Not many know about this trip, save for his top advisers.  This is why you won't read about his trip here in any history book.  He visited New Jersey on several occasions to establish what he called Bund Camps.  I mean, he visited more than just New Jersey, but he has visited New Jersey a few times that we know of.  In these BundCamps, he would gather a bunch of teenage boys that he would handpick from the population.  He would train then to be anti-government and how to kill the Jews.  He would then send these Americans over the Germany to enlist in the Nazi army or he'd have them help to run the Nazi camps over there.  
The door in the side of the mountain, which only a rare few seem to know about and even fewer can enter, was ordered to be built there by Hitler.  It was built by several members of these BundCamps, who he sent up to the mountains to build it.  It is here that he would store his stolen works of art, jewelry and other artifacts.  The reason Deedee was extra excited about this trip was because she finally had found a key.  She had been to this door many different times.  It wasn't until this final time that she actually go to pass through the door and experience what was on the other side.  
We opened the door very cautiously, because we had no idea what was going to pop out at us.  As usual, Deedee seemed to be a little more enthused to enter the room in the side of the mountain.  I usually am the one thinking things about serial killers and lunatics.  She was excited because she has this certain fascination with Nazis and wanted to discover what she called "Nazi Treasure."  Instead of being greeted by darkness, which is what we assumed we were going to be greeted with, we were greeted by a great luminosity.  It was bright enough blind us and I kind of gathered that was the point.  As soon as our eyes were closed we were scoop up a much stronger creature.  I'm not quite sure what this creature was, but it strapped us fast to all white chairs.  
All over our bodies, he attached suction cups to us.  There were between 30 and 40 of them all over us.  Clear tubes stretched from suctions cups to somewhere off in the distance, out of our sight.  We could feel our energy being depleted to dangerous levels.  When we could barely keep our eyes open is when we felt our energy begin to flow back to us.  In front of us geometrical and mathematical shapes began to take form.  They hovered in midair.  These little color balls of light began to shoot all over the room in a frenzy.  The eventually slowed down and began floating all around.
At first these balls seemed polarized, like they were going to remain individual.  Then, they started pulling together to make a form.  This form began to take the form of a man.  He was nine fee tall and about three feet wide, bigger than any other form I had ever seen on Earth.  The man was wearing an all white robe, with a hood that draped down over his face.  When he took the hood off, he revealed that he actually had no face.  On his head, where his face should have been present was the image of a spinning planet.  It was Earth.  
As we sat there and watched Earth rotate on this man's face, the planet began to change form.  The new planet that formed was blank.  It held nothing but void.  The man called out to us from his faceless head to take each others hands.  When we did, the brunt force of all our energy came rushing back to us.  It did with such a rush that our bodies began shaking violently like we were having seizures or there was an Earthquake.  Then, we were levitated into  mid air. Everything else in the room began to fade and we were taken into astral space.  It it here that we were given a vision by the faceless man, who we later determined to be God.  
As we watched we seen God create the world.  In the beginning there were these forms that lived on the face of the Earth.  They were beings from deep space, who intended to come to Earth to make it their home.  They were called the Pevwarps and God banished them from Earth.  This is not written in the Bible, because he does not want humans to know about it.  He wants all existence outside of our own to be erased from our knowledge.  For some reason, he decided to share this information with use, probably because he knew that we could handle it.  
During out visions we saw how God created men with a certain mathematical code that works like a puzzle.  We can all become fully operation like Gods ourselves.  However, these pieces of our puzzle must come together perfectly with the sacred geometrical code we were built with.  Then and only then, will be able to exist as Gods and see outside of the box that God has created for us.  What God never realized is that before the Pevwarp race-- who exist as Gods-- left Earth, they spread their DNA there after having sex with mortal women and spilling their sperm on the Earthen ground.  this was called the Sap of Earth.  This sap turned into amber over time, like all sap does.  It was collected and taken to a realm called the Amber Realm.
Right when we were being shown the Amber Real we began falling from the astral realm.  We plunged from the astrological realm, as our vision receded. It felt like we were falling out of the sky and in a few second we found ourselves seated back in the white chairs we were at before.  We sat there, staring at the faceless figure and the void planet began to fade.  In it's place appeared this ring.  The figure came closer to us and instructed Deedee to reach out and grab the ring.  When she did the whole spectacle came to an end and we left the room, shutting and locking the door.  At this point the investigation was closed and we have not been there since.  
The ring that was given to us has been made with amber from the Amber Realm.  With this amber comes all of the knowledge of the Pevwarp beings.  It will alter your existence to join all of your puzzle pieces together.  You will then be rebirthed.  You will be given an awakening that will allow you to become a God, like the Pevwarp Race. You will be allowed to travel outside of the box that God has created for our existence.  Here, you will encounter all of the races that have always existed, before creation, that have been blocked from our existence.  Your own geometrical divine code and DNA will be risen and you will exist as your whole self, rather than the fragments that you exist as now.  This will allow you to have the mind of a God, whereby you can think up powers as thought forms.  You can then manifest these thought forms into real life, as to attain the power of the thought form as a mortal being.  This is seriously one of the most powerful items that I have laid eyes on in a very long time.