Awakening the Alternate Christ Through the 12 Apostolic Gates-- A Transformation Service

Awakening the Alternate Christ Through the 12 Apostolic Gates-- A Transformation Service

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There is a reason why Jesus chose 12 Apostles. The 12 Apostles were his closest followers who were instilled with a portion of Christ. Each of these portions is a metaphysical component of Christ and together they make up the whole. This is also referred to as the Christ Christ Consciousness.

When receiving this transformation you will go through what we call the 12 Apolstolic Gates. These are not actual gates that you walk through, but they are 12 levels of astral enlightenment that you will be given. When we do the transformation, it will take a few minutes to instill each gate into your body. You will not feel the gates open that same night, as they will need some time to adjust to the energies of your body.

However, over the course of the following year or so (as this is a very intricate process) the gates inside of you will be open and your body will be flooded with infinite knowledge. Each of the gates is a level of knowledge that will be woken up inside of you. It will offer you different things-- different types of energies, different magical abilities, different types of universal awakenings, etc.

There are 12 gates that will need to be open inside of you, each one is named after one of the Apostles. Each of the 12 Apostles had one of these gates opened inside of them while they were on Earth, so the collection of all 12 disciples equaled a second or what we call Alternate Christ. Once all 12 of these Apostolic Gates are opened within you then you will also become an Alternate Christ. You will receive the Christ Consciousness and your transformation will be complete.

Just so we are clear, becoming the Alternate Christ doesn't make you a Second Coming of Christ. It will make you like Christ. It will give you the Christ Consciousness. It will allow Christ to dwell within you. It will give you the knowledge of God and the Universe. It will give you the ability to know the 72 Names of God and to dwell within his Holy of Holies. You will be able to do all that Christ has done, including granting miracles, healing, etc. It will bring you the ability to speak with God's Authority. It will make you extremely powerful, but nobody will ever become Christ. He is the one and only.

With this transformation, you will be able to look up into the skies and see into Heaven. You will be able to call upon the angels and the saints. You will be able to sit upon the Throne of God and to see the Universe as he sees it. You will receive the Divine Genetic Code. There is so much that is entailed with the opening of these 12 Apostolic Gates and that is why this transformation is very powerful and more powerful than 99% of the religious pieces that we sell on this website. I'd even wager to say that it is more powerful than 99.9% of them. I can think of maybe 2 pieces that trump this transformation. I'm just letting you all know because I know somebody will ask.

We will do layaway on this transformation of 20% down like all other normal layaways and it must be paid off within six months.