Vampire Locket
Vampire Locket

Vampire Locket

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There isn't a ton to say about this piece, because the piece it what is.  We didn't have to go on an investigation to get this piece, as it was given to us by the magistrate of the vampire farm in Pennsylvania.  This is a piece that seized from an underground ring of sorcerers who were using magical pieces to grow their power and to cause harm and malice.  Let's not act like the vampires at the vampire farm were wearing little white caps on this endeavor of seizing the vampire artifacts that these sorcerers carried.  They simply didn't want the sorcerers to grow more powerful than vampires themselves, while using their own magic at that.  There is some strange kind of turf war going on in Pennsylvania, but that is whole other story in and of itself-- and Trust me, it has nothing to do with rivaling Amish clans from PA and Ohio.  I promise you that much.

This locket has a vampiress attached to it.  Her name is Venelia.  She isn't the most ancient that we've ever work with, but she is old and unusually powerful.  This was her locket while she was still alive, but the sorcerers that i mentioned before beheaded her and burned to a pile of ashes.  Her locket is all that remains of her physical being and her soul is kept in this piece.  When using this piece you will place a small dab of blood in the locket, close it and then wear it.  This will invite Venelia into your life.  She will appear in spirit form and she will grant you the vampire powers and abilities you crave.  She was quite anxious when she found out she'd be getting another student-- one worthy of her time.  She was more or less imprisoned by those sorcerers after they maimed her physical body and burnt it.  However, she is excited to work with you!  

This locket is an Antique, as Venelia as had it for a long time.  Some would say it's a little bit worse for the wear, but I would say that it is well-used and has significant character.  This piece is quite powerful.  Get to know her, and you will appreciate all the Venelia has to offer.