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MM 12-20-09

A scientist studying alternate dimensions tried to capture and go into a mirage and it worked, there are other dimensions.

With the advancement of Science, scientists have come to find that the dimension that we as humans inhabit is not the only one in the universe. There exist other dimensions that we cannot see which have life-forms and civilizations within in them.

A mirage is a way that other dimensions manifest within ours allowing us to see it.

Mirages can happen any time. Most times you find them in deserts but they are seen in many places like this one in China.

Thousands of local residents and tourist witnessed a very clear and amazing mirage that lasted for four hours off the shore of Penglai City in East China?s Shandong Province Sunday May 7 2005. Mists rising from the shore created and image of a City with modern building wide streets filled with cars and crowds of people all very visible and clear as day.

Penglai had been soaked by down pours of rain for two day when the rare phenomenon of the Mirage occurred. It took place during a week long Labor Day holiday. Experts said that many mirages have been recorded in the Penglai City on the tip of Shandong Peninsula, which is known to be a dwelling place of the gods.

They explained that a mirage is formed when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the seawater temperature, refracting rays of sunlight to create reflections of the landscape in the sky, then why are they not exact likeness of the landscape and almost always have castles, buildings, lakes or even people and in this case a bustling society. So if their explanation of the mirage is true why did they see a thriving City and why did it last for hours.

This is an opener INTO THE MIRRAGE it is a gorgeous a crystal. What this item does is open glimpses into an alter dimension. This creates the images for you through light and temperature coming from the crystal.