The 3rd Russian Key:  Evidence of a Cataclysmic Future
The 3rd Russian Key:  Evidence of a Cataclysmic Future

The 3rd Russian Key: Evidence of a Cataclysmic Future

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The 3rd Russian Key:  Evidence of a Cataclysmic Future <br /><br />

Folks, we just welcomed the beginning of the New Year 2012.  With the
beginning of this year, we will welcome not only a fresh new start,
but the beginning of the end.  With doomsayers forboding an end to the
world as we know it, nobody can be quite certain of what is in store
for the human race.  Nobody, that is, except the person who can
spiritually utilize this key that have obtained somewhere along our
travles and investigations.<br /><br />

Humanity has been warned.   There is a change coming, it is just that
the human mind has become so devolved that we can no longer put two
and two together.  It was given to us in warnings from the Mayans, the
Aztecs, the Ancient Egyptians, the Phoenicians, and many other ancient
greats that were actually able to use the greatest power of all-- the
power of the brain. <br /><br />

In fact, we have even been warned by extraterrestrials that have
visited our Earth.  That's right!  There is new evidence that adds up
and calculates all of the worlds most mysterious and unexplainable
phenomena.  Not only does it indicate that people that were much more
advanced had to have the upper hand in these developments, but it also
spells out the fate of the world. <br /><br />

Two Russian scientists, who have been studying and patenting their
work for fifteen years now, have two keys to the answers of the secret
code that had been written on the Earth.  It involves the positioning
of monuments such as Stongehenge, Machu Picchu, Chavin de Huantar, the
Nazca Lines, the Great Pyramids, the Georgia Guidestones and others.
It pieces together the great puzzle that has been encoded by an
advanced, seemingly extraterrestrial civilization.<br /><br />

These scientists have two keys that decipher the meaning of all these
monuments and how they work together like puzzle pieces to form a
larger picture.  These keys remain the exclusice property of the
scientits, but they have no clue what I have in my possession.  I have
been working with it for the past copule of years now.  While these
scientists have two keys-- one analogue, one digital-- to decipher all
these meanings, I have the third key. <br /><br />

The third key is spiritual.  It is the creation of one of Nostradamus'
modern contemporaries.  This spiritual key works much like the others,
except it is much easier for the one that uses it to gain an
understanding.  Instead of scientific discovery and reasoning, the key
that I have will give you spiritual understanding.<br /><br />

You will receive an uplift in existence and given an intelligence that
will make you a omniscient part of the world.  You will gain the
secrets that have been written on our Earth like a blank canvas.  You
will be given the knowledge to 2012 and the happenings that will
occur, be those phyiscal, metaphysica, astralogical, mental, or
scientific.  If there is something know, this piece is going to give
you that knowledge. <br /><br />

You will also gain the ability to see into the thoughts and minds of
the contemporary of Nostradamus who maintains contact with the
unearthly visitors who have given him the spiritual guidance he sought
out to find.  This piece is a must-have for those of you who are
worried about the future, imparticularly what is in store for 2012.<br
/><br />