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Taming the Phooka<br /><br />

Dreaming is a very strange thing.  Sometimes dreams are merely dreams.  Other times dreams tend to be messages from beyond, or a point in time where you spirit is free to leave the realms of your physical body and wander until they want to return.  This is why learning to master the subconscious is such an important feat.  If you can't control it, then your dreams can take you anywhere.  <br /><br />

Before I learned to properly control my own subconscious thoughts, my mind sent me on one of these types of journeys.  It sent me through the sands of times, and I ended up on a wooded path somewhere; and to be honeste with you I'm not exactly sure where I was.  I'm going to guess I was somewhere in Ireland, because the encounter I had while my subconscious was in control led me a being that is native to Ireland.  Although, that isn't to say that they being couldn't have been brought closer to me by a witch or wizard.  Either way, the being that I encountered is called a Phooka.<br /><br /> 

Now, if you do research on a Phooka, you will most likely gather that it is a malicious spirit that likes to play terrible pranks and jokes on innocent passers by.  This isn't too far from the truth.  But, just as with anything feral-- it can be tamed.  I have tamed the Phooka, and I have channeled his spirit and mythical energy into this item.<br /><br />

Like I told you earlier, I fell asleep one night and my subconscious got the better of me.  It was because I fell asleep by accident while writing a term paper.  During my sleep I began to dream.  It wasn't like a normal dream though-- it was one of those dreams that you could've sworn were real. <br /><br />

I was taken to place that was dark, with the light of the silvery fullmoon being the only guide to my path.  I could feel the dew on my skin and taste the rich smokiness of the forest around me on my tongue.  It was strange, but I kept on, knowing that he path had to come to an apex sooner or later. <br /><br />

When I grew weary of traveling, and I felt as though I couldn't take another step, I heard a mystic whinny from atop a hill to my left.  I glanced over, and seemingly from nowhere, a very large steed began to gallop down the hill-- perhaps the biggest horse I've ever seen in my life.  He was blackish-purple in color.  His tail and mane, were whisps of smoke.  The horse's eyes were deepset and shaped like that of a dragon. <br /><br />

When the horse reached the spot where I was at it just stopped, steam blowing from its nostrils, and eyes ablaze.  I knew what it had in store for me, and I wasn't falling for its trickery.  I could read the Phooka's mind, and I identified the horse for what it truly was-- a Phooka... a type of magical Irish Goblin.<br /><br /> 

At proper identification, the phooka changed shage into it's original goblin form.  Because of my discovery of his true self, the Phooka was indebted to servitude, so I dreamt up a piece to conjure the Goblin into and brought it back with me to the mortal realm.<br /><br />

This piece is now avaiabla.  It s avaialbe to those who share an appreciation of mytical creatures.  This piece will bring you the being of the Phooka, which has been fully tames.  You gain the Phooka magical powers from the realm of sprites.  This inlcudes all white light magic and alchemy.  YOu will learn the spells of the ancients-- the ones that have diminished over the years, but are still as powerful as ever.  You will learn the Code of Goblins, which will bring you the magic of wealth and success, as Goblins are treasure horders at heart. <br /><br />

Finally, you will gain the ability of spiritual shapeshifting-- that is project your core being out of your body under any form that you see as necessary.  This will allow you to appear as a creature or being of your choice.  It will even allow you to project your inner being as another person.  This piece has been tested by all of us at HauntedCuriosities, and since the Phooka has been tamed, it is agreed that he is very easy to work with and will do whatever you tell it to do.  It is avaiable now... first come, first serve.  <br /><br />