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White Light Special:  Original Witchery of Maggie Bell <br /><br />

Many towns have seen better yesterdays, with promising tomorrows that just never worked out.  Lake Monroe was one of these towns.  Although Monroe does still exist today, it isn't in the bustling capacity that this small town once saw.  This town used to feed the nation.  It was a progressive little farming community.  Today, the only thing Monroe, as the locals like to call it, has left is a post office-- even though the town has long since been reduced to a single zip code.  However, if there is only ever one good thing that comes from Monroe, let that be the legacy of Maggie Bell.   <br /><br />

Maggie Bell was a notorious woman of Monroe.  Not like the other ladies of her day, she'd sit on her porch in her rocker, with her leg draped over the arm of chairr.  Here she would sit and smoke her pipe like a man in s head wrap that made her look more like a gypsy than anything.  She was generally accepted by the population of the town for two reasons.  First, she was the wife of a very prominent business man and farmer.  Second, she had a very special gift of her own.  She could make objects levitate, read people's minds, and converse with the dead.   <br /><br />

In fact, people regularly gathered at Maggie's house to participate in in seances and rituals.  Reportedly, objects would float across the room and strange voices would emanate from the ceiling.  People of the time that would go visit Maggie were quick to deny any claims of trickery or dishonesty.  They recognized Maggie for what she really was, and that was spiritualist and a medium... a modern-day witch if you will.  On an interesting side note, Maggie had strong ties to Cassadaga, Florida.  This town is the original spiritualist camp founded by George Colby as commissioned by a spirit from the great beyond named Seneca.  Maggie would travel to Cassadaga, where she would perform spiritual rituals such as seances and spirit writings.  During her spirit writings, it is recorded that Maggie would chalk float through the air to write messages from the afterlife.   <br /><br />

Unfortunately, Maggie Bell lost her husband to another woman.  I know, I know... what a tramp!!  This was the demise of poor old Maggie who hit the bottle because of depression.  Alcohol is a huge deterrent of any spiritual or psychic ability that one carries.  Maggie simply didn't care.  This was the end of her days as a renowned spiritualist as she became such a lush that her abilities eventually began to diminish.  However, there was one promise that Maggie made good on to her closest friends-- the ones that didn't desert her when her husband did.  <br /><br />

Maggie was such an enthusiast of proving there was an afterlife that she promised her closest friends that to really prove that an afterlife existed that when she died she would return in spirit form to assure them that there is indeed life after death.  Maggie made her voyage into the afterlife some time in the early 1920s and as promised, she visited her closest friends.  I will recount her most prominent return.  Anna Belle Hawkins, was who you can consider to be, Maggie's best friend.  A year after Maggie's death, Anna Belle's daughter, Gladys, became seriously ill.  Gladys caught a fever that she couldn't shake, and simply kept burning up.  Just when they thought that things were looking pretty grim for Gladys, a spirit appeared to her.  The spirit sat on Gladys' bed rubbing her head and smiling.  The spirit spoke no words, she merely rubbed Gladys' head.  In the morning, Anna Belle was shocked to find Gladys up and well at the breakfast table.  When questioned about her good graces, Gladys recounted her story, giving a description that could only match one person-- Maggie Bell.  I mean the gypsy head wrap was a dead give away!! <br /><br />

Other instances occurred, one of them involving several of Gladys' offspring and "the spirit table."  The spirit table is a table the Maggie gave to Anna Hawkins shortly before she passed away.  Thus, the table had great meaning to both Maggie and Anna.  Four of Gladys' descendants arranged the table in Cassadaga one night.  Two certified mediums held a two-hour-long seance, during which spiritual phenomenon occurred that proved the existence of Maggie Bell and her longing to prove that the afterlife and the "other side" exists.  <br /><br />

While in Cassadaga, we were lucky enough to be able to hold a similar seance with a certified medium.  We use the original spirit table; and personally, I think that the results meet and exceed the results of Gladys' offspring.  Then again, it could just be because Deedee and I are spirit vessels in our own right.  I think it was combination of everything, because I can tell you that there was a TON of energy in that room that night.  Let me just tell you that Maggie Bell is not alive, by our standards, but she is well and kicking-- existing on a separate plane from our own, known as the afterlife. We were able to conjure her spirit during the seance, simply because Maggie isn't done yet.  She's not done teaching and enlightening.  She wants everyone to know the secrets of the afterlife.  She is still very ardent in proving this point.  <br /><br />

With that being said, she agreed to enchant these pieces.  They are originals from the medium in Cassadaga who helped us conduct this seance.  They hold part of Maggie's spiritual being and will give you all of her spiritual abilities.  They are strictly white light pieces and will allow you to open up your spiritual third eye.  You will gain the mediumship and psychic ability of Maggie Bell.  Additionally, you will gain the ability to open spirit portals, which is basically what the Spirit Table served as.  You also gain knowledge of the afterlife that will help you communicate with spirits and give you the superb seance abilities of Maggie Bell.  This mystique is a sure gift for anyone.  It is very powerful piece and sure fire way to give yourself a spiritual rejuvenation to attain ability and wake up any that you have with in your self.  Enjoy!!    <br /><br />