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Sex, food, drugs—all of it takes you away, doesn’t it? All of it deceives, and the fulfillment of it through overindulgence merely ends with you purging the fulfillment, or having it purge you, returning you to a state of empty selfishness that seeks to be filled or to fill
once more.

Indulging in the senses widens the physical eyes, ears, and nerve endings, allowing you to take in more with less of the sensation itself, and these widening holes, like a sponge, enables you to suck in and hold more water.

Those holes grow wider as you seek men or women just a little more younger, want things just a little more violent, perform things that are just a little more risky, buy things that are just a little more expensive, drink things with just a little more alcohol, snort just a little more cocaine.

What has been called in the past a ‘slippery slope’ can also be seen as a formation of sediment, a deposit that restricts the veins as your material form grows in size, like muscle fibers ripping previously created muscle fibers to shreds, constricting the flow of spiritual blood which ultimately ends one’s material conduit in a cataclysm of consequence.

No more immateriality can get through those plaque-encrusted veins—you have been used up, and your spirit will ultimately leave that overused body as it is left to rot.

The body is a curious thing, a contradiction of sorts, designed so it can do these things, take in endless amounts of over indulgence like a sponge, yet you are not supposed to use those features. This curiosity has caused spiritualists to think the body is a test, there to trick our spirit
into over-indulging it in a finite existence.

It is like we all are out living with A.D.D.  and get sidetracked at the appeal of everything that is thrown at us! This is part to blame on the media, with all the things we see constantly and all the aspects of sex all around us... so we have something that will help you NEVER to lose your sexual appetite!!

You will not lose the fullfillment... now many of you may still have a healthy appetitie, but it often dwindles, or your partners sexual desires may fall off, and with this you will be invoked with power to retrieve the delight for both you and whoever you are sexually pursuring.

The item holds illusive enrichments of sexual conductivity that will impart radiance, thrills and hunger til the end of time, as long as you have this piece on, into your sex drive!!

Kick it in gear and rev up your engines -- it is time to enter the tunnel~!