Symptom Soothers  -- Invoked Piece 2

Symptom Soothers -- Invoked Piece 2

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Symptom Soothers  -- Invoked Piece 2

This collection of items has been invoked with healing tranquilities from Raven. She has infused elements from a casting ritual brought about by the illusive generation of proclaimed full fledged witches who could merge spells to implicate their thoughts into fruition.

If you are suffering from any, or all, of the following ailments then you need this piece~!

Are you suffering from any of these emotional or physical
- Depression or Mood Swings
- Chronic Rashes
- Constant Tiredness or Fatigue
- Irritability

* If you answered yes, then you need this piece --- it is the answer to clearing your issues and helping you get back to normal.