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The Salt of Lot<br /><br />

Sometimes referred to as the Salt Crystal, the Salt of Lot is a heavenly weapon that can be used to kill anything evil, including demons. While some sources refer to the Salt of Lot as being formed from crystallized rock, it is, in fact comprised of salt crystals, the crystals that were created when Lot's wife looked back at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as they were being destroyed, thereby defying God's will. (Genesis 19:26)
Almost all major religions refer to the power of salt as a weapon that can be used against the forces of darkness:<br /><br />
  • The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans invoked their gods with offerings of salt and water.<br /><br />
  • In the native Japanese religion Shinto, salt is used for the ritual purification of locations and people, and small dishes of salt (shiobana) are placed in the entranceways of businesses to ward off evil and attract customers.<br /><br />
  • Thirty-five verses mention salt in the Hebrew bible. Most of these references relate to the use of salt to destroy evil. While the story of Lot's wife is the most well-known of these references, another notable entry is the sowing of salt on the city of Shechem by King Abimelech after he has destroyed it in order to curse anyone who would try to re-inhabit the city.<br /><br />
  • In the Christian New Testament, six verses mention salt and salt is used in the third item (which includes an exorcism) of the Gallic Rite that is employed in the consecration of a church. Salt is also sometimes added to water in the Roman Catholic rite of Holy Water.<br /><br />
  • Salt plays an equally important role in Hinduism and Islam, as well as in Jainism and Aztec mythology.<br /><br />
While the use of salt to ward off evil is well-documented in religious texts and observances, the salt crystals that make up the Salt of Lot are especially powerful because God created them specificallyto strike down the wicked. With this weapon in your possession, you will be able to protect yourself from and destroy any and all evil entities, including the most powerful of demons. The forces of darkness that are gathering in strength as we approach the apocalyptic date of December 21, 2012, will be unable to harm you. As the battle nears, it has never been more imperative to arm yourself against evil.<br /><br />
Using this will take away all negative,all that causes great harm and all that is destroying your life. You would be surprised how many of evil beings can turn you rlife around and you never know it. They influence others,cause strain and all sorts of things includimg depression. Using this is very easy and they never come near you again. These have been empoweed by the alpha's of the begining.