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** We have recently acquired a prime collection of infinte items that were collected for years from various outlets across the world. <br /><br />

These offerings are all radicals of wealth and prosperity. The regiment of power resides from Asian fornicles of blessing and captivated energy.<br /><br />

Each piece is similar, yet unique. Make sure to check out the whole collection if you are looking to advance your money flow and find success... having more than one of these will merge the invocation of energies to strengthen the charge, so snatch them up while you can!!<br /><br />

This unusual talisman is adorned with an ancient, ritualized representation of lotus flowers.
In Buddhism, it is said that the lotus flower signifies purity, enlightenment, Buddha, and the virtuous man. The lotus flower represents our ability to transcend the troubles of human existence, to leave behind the sea of pain and the house of fire that is human existence. To become like Buddha, is to detach oneself from a world of woe and to find oneself in paradise. <br /><br />
In Hinduism, the lotus is a symbol of divine beauty and purity, while its unfolding petals represent the expansion of the soul and spiritual promise. In the Hindu religion, the lotus flower is most closely associated with the gods Brahma and Lakshmi who are the divinities of potency and wealth. <br /><br />
It is from both the Buddhist and Hindu beliefs surrounding the revered lotus flower that the term "lotusland" was coined. <br /><br />
Lotusland is a place that induces contentment by providing an idyllic environment where every wish is indulged, every need is met.<br /><br />
This beautiful talisman will transform your world into your own personal lotusland. You will find yourself showered with divine blessings and spiritual understanding. Where there has been darkness, there will be light. Where there has been confusion, there will be clarity. Where there has been lack, there will be affluence. You will come to know your true purpose in life and will find yourself connected to the universe in a way you may never have imagined possible. You will have only to ask, and you will receive. Wealth, happiness, self-actualization, enlightenment, peace and love will be yours. Suffering will be a thing of the past. Your future will be one of heavenly inspiration and abundance. Don't let this wonderful opportunity pass you by!<br /><br />